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TikTok permanently ban Andrew Tate after HOPE not hate campaign

TikTok permanently ban Andrew Tate after HOPE not hate campaign


HOPE not hate are calling for the removal of all harmful Andrew Tate content from TikTok 


TikTok have permanently banned violent misogynist Andrew Tate from their platform after an investigation from HOPE not hate and a campaign signed by over 10,000 members of the public. 

The campaign group are continuing to campaign for full removal of all Andrew Tate content from the platform  

Joe Mulhall, Director of Research at HOPE not hate, said; 

We welcome TikTok’s decision to join Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in permanently banning accounts run by Andrew Tate on their platform.  

However, our concern has always been that TikTok is awash with harmful Andrew Tate content which is being widely shared amongst young men and boys. 

We are still calling on TikTok to designate Andrew Tate as a harmful individual and remove all Andrew Tate related content. Tate is a violent misogynist with links to the organised far-right. He is creating a dangerous slip road to the far-right and poses a genuine threat to the young men and boys he targets. 

“Social media companies must continue to review and remove all harmful content - not just simply ban Tate's personal profiles.” 

HOPE not hate are also putting pressure on YouTube to take action on Andrew Tate. Mulhall said: 

“YouTube now stands alone as the only platform not to ban Tate’s profiles. We know that YouTube is a huge source of Tate content which then finds it’s way to TikTok. They must take action now.” 

A full media briefing on Andrew Tate can be found here: