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Easy-Slab - the revolutionary concrete carpet base

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August 2022



 Easy-Slab - the revolutionary concrete carpet from Deploy for speedy, cost-effective solid bases

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Deploy Easy-Slab- (top) folded and (bottom) laid out and pinned in position

One of the very first requirements when installing an outbuilding, storage vessel, water or oil tank is a solid, robust, weed-resistant base.

The challenge with a conventional concrete slab is that the process can be time-consuming, troublesome and expensive. Contractors are busy and not always keen on small projects; the costs are high due to the amount of labour and materials involved so they tend to avoid them.

A strong, hard standing base is fundamental to the success and longevity of the installation, and essential for structural durability, safety and balance.

Deployhas developed the "concrete-carpet" Easy-Slab which is designed to streamline and speed up the work by reducing timescales, installation difficulties and costs of building. Available in five sizes, Easy-Slab arrives on-site folded, and the Deploy team unfolds and pegs it to the ground.

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