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PRESS CALL! World's Best Polo Lionesses go head-to-head in the UK

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Sunday 7thAugust 14.00 hrs

The sport of polo's Lionesses play tomorrow in Gloucestershire - the highest level of women's polo ever to have been played in history in Europe!




Being played at Cirencester Park Polo Club tomorrow, Sunday 7thAugust, is the final of The British Ladies' Open high-goal tournament, seeing the best female polo players from all over the world come together to go head to head in what will be another unmissable, thrilling women's sporting spectacle, following the recent victory by the Lionesses.


These fierce athletes, the most elite, famous polo women in the world, will be fighting to claim the prestigious Countess Lilias Trophy[i], a magnificent solid silver work of art featuring The Countess Lilias.  As England is reveling in the success of the Lionesses championing women in sport, this match is another example of women taking on what was a male-dominated sport and winning! 


Players tomorrow include: 

-         The world's No.1., 10-goal player, Hazel Jackson:

-         World-ranking 10-goal player, Nina Clarkin:

-         Argentine 8-goal player Lia Salvo:

-         Mia Cambiasso, 8-goal player and daughter of polo legend Adolfo Cambiasso



The Patrons (captains) of the two teams are:

-         For team ‘Semper Anticus': Cirencester Park Polo Club's Clarinda Tjia-Dharmadi

-         For team ‘UAE Polo' HH Sheikha Maitha


Tournament Sponsor:

-         Clarinda Tjia-Dharmadi


Polo is the world's oldest team sport.  Women were not allowed to play polo until 1972 when American player Sue Hale managed to break the barrier and, after 20 years of playing disguising herself as a man, winning her battle with the US Polo Association to allow women to be recognised in the sport:


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[i] Cirencester Park Polo Club and the HPA are pleased to announce the debut of The Ladies British Open, sponsored by Semper Anticus. The tournament will support and grow ladies' polo in the U.K., home to some of the world's leading female players. It will also provide an opportunity for players to improve their handicap by playing at the highest level of ladies' polo. 

This has been made possible by the support of Semper Anticus, who will cover the costs of entries for any all pro teams with each player at 5 goals and above, and host a reception for players and guests after the finals. Clarinda

Tjia-Dharmadi, founding patron of Semper Anticus, said of this new collaboration: "I feel very strongly about championing both emerging and established talent. The opportunity for players to compete at the highest level on the best grounds is invaluable for British girls to remain at the vanguard of polo.  It's an extraordinary sport and I am delighted to stand together with Cirencester Park Polo Club and the HPA to create transcendent opportunities for more girls to succeed in polo."  

The Countess Lilias was married to the 7th Earl Bathurst. Throughout both world wars, she dedicated her early life to philanthropic means by running a Red Cross Hospital from the family house in Belgrave Square, London. The portrait below is of The Countess Lilias by de Lazlo.

The Lord Glenesk, her father, founded the Morning Post, a company that she later inherited. On his death she assumed the Earls position, making history with her energy, ambition, and relentless work ethic, allowing her to sell to a consortium, known today as The Daily Telegraph. Parallel to her years with the Morning Post, she was a key figure and trail blazer at The Cirencester Park Polo Club, founded by her husband until her death in 1965.

The photograph below depicts a polo lunch with the late Prince of Wales, a regular patron and player at the club.

The tournament will commence on Thursday 14th July, at Cirencester Park Polo Club, with the final being held on the 7th August and a reception for players and guests thereafter. 



Notes to Editors:


-         Cirencester Park Polo Club, founded in 1894 is the oldest polo club in the UK, located in the beautiful historic Cirencester Park on the Bathurst Estate. Composed of stunning parkland and woods, the estate is famous for its views and grounds for walking or riding.

-         The Ivy Lodge grounds, which the restaurant overlooks was one of the two first grounds laid out and is now world famous as it has played host to many of the most important polo tournaments throughout history.

-         The Polo Club has had royalty play and attend polo at the grounds throughout history, including The Duke of Edinburgh (who's portrait will be auctioned at the county cup to raise money for his charity), The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge, and The Duke of Sussex. The club was also chosen as the venue for the first public outings for young Princes and Princesses including both Princes William and Harry and Prince George.

-         Set over approximately 300 acres of stunning parkland, and at the heart of the 15,000-acre Bathurst Estate's, members and visitors today continue to enjoy the quintessential English polo experience throughout the season.  The club has become known for offering the highest levels of British and international polo, whilst retaining a delightfully charming, relaxed atmosphere for spectators. 

-         The thatched part of the restaurant building has been there since the club was founded 1894 (see photo on first page) and a Nissen hut was added to the front of the clubhouse at a later date. In 2021, the club decided it was time for a refurbishment and the decking was added to the front of the clubhouse adding a perfect place for spectators to view the polo.

-         With a brand-new Cotswold famous chef in the kitchen and a sparkling new menu, the Ivy Lodge Clubhouse has become a popular venue and throughout the summer is gaining more and more returning guests.