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Why Hair Loss is Mother Nature's Red Flag to Slow Down and Take Stock of Stress

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I work with Simone Thomas and am getting in touch regarding a story highlighting hair loss and stress, something many people aren't aware of, to mark Hair Loss Awareness Month which takes place every August.

After experiencing the impact of hair loss herself as a model in her twenties, Simone extensively researched hair loss and nutrition, and today, her award-winning clinic and supplement brand, Simone Thomas Wellness, are helping win the war on hair loss. 

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Hair falling out in handfuls, clogging up the sink and getting trapped in the hoover is something many people pass off as ‘one of those things’. However, it can also be a sign that stress is taking hold and causing more than self-doubt, insomnia, and low mood.



With August marking National Hair Loss Awareness Month, hair and wellness guru Simone Thomas is calling for people to understand that while shed around 100 hairs a day is normal when this is closer to a hefty 300 hundred strands, stress-induced Telogen Effluvium could be at play. 


Telogen Effluvium occurs when the body is flooded by stress hormones, including cortisol which is linked to the function of hair follicles. When cortisol levels are high, hair becomes weak and falls out faster than usual. At the same time, adrenal glands will be producing less growth-promoting hormones and this combination causes devesting hair thinning which can lead to spiralling anxiety that impacts an already fragile state of mind.


After experiencing the impact of hair loss, herself as a model in her twenties, Simone extensively researched hair loss and nutrition and today, her award-winning clinic and supplement brand, Simone Thomas Wellness, are helping win the war on hair loss. 


Simone says, “Hair loss, just like mental health issues, doesn’t discriminate, and we’ve seen an increase in people coming to us because their hair is falling out, but have no idea it’s due to stress, which is hardly surprising given the extreme challenges of the past two years. There is no magic wand for hair regrowth, but outer health begins on the inside; therefore, reducing the stress at the heart of hair loss is key to recovery. 


She adds, “As a mum of two with a growing international business, I know life can be full on, but I also know that if I want good health and happy hair I must look after myself.  Slowing down, giving yourself time to relax, and talking to someone about your feelings and hair loss fears, is a good starting point. Eating a balanced diet, taking a supplement, drinking plenty of water, and taking regular exercise might sound like a cliché, but these are key elements to hair regrowth and a healthy scalp. There will always be an element of stress in everyday life, but when the red lights are flagged, it’s key to take stock before things get totally out of control.”


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Simone Thomas is a renowned hair loss consultant and nutrition advisor. Her supplement brand has been expertly formulated with organic ingredients to support hair, skin, nails, and overall health and wellbeing. After experiencing hair loss, herself, Simone was determined to produce a formula that would effectively help hair regrowth and replenish the scalp and manage anxiety to improve overall wellbeing. 


The Simone Thomas Wellness plan is recommended for anyone experiencing stress-related hair loss as it encourages healthy hair regrowth, reduces anxiety and provides the nutrients the body needs to recover from burnout. 


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