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Introduction - are we expecting too little from software delivery projects?
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I've not tried this approach before, however I've got something you may be interested in so here goes....

I discovered a pretty shocking statistic that 60-70% of software projects run over budget, over time or don't deliver when I started working with Synetec earlier this year.

The bar is pretty low in the industry and many people just expect that a project will slip or cost more than planned. 

Turns out that Synetec have not missed a deadline or run over budget since 2019. It didn't feature in any of their marketing (until recently) because they didn't think anyone would believe them - despite their many case studies and customer referrals.

I asked them if they would be willing to stake their reputation on it and guarantee delivery which they agreed to - pretty much unheard of in the industry. 

I interviewed the COO, Lisa Venter about how they did it and wrote it up into an article here if you're keen for more info.  - 

In a nutshell I think we expect too little from software delivery companies and teams and it shouldn't be expected that projects run over budget and over time - is it time to finally shake up the industry and hold companies accountable?! 

I thought this would make an interesting article - hope you do too!

Angles could be Women In Tech, FinTech, Software Development, Project Management, SaaS and others 

If you'd like any further info or insight please let me know - happy to connect you to Lisa or a member of the team or write something specific to an angle. 

Synetec has been around since 2009 and has worked with clients such as Argentex, TerraQuest, Genesis Investment Management, Zorin Finance, Gavurin, Createc, SCQuARE international and others. We've lots of other interesting stories to share around software, financial services and data management. 


Charlie Whyman
Fractional CMO | B2B Marketing Consultant | Founder of the OTTER Framework for Marketing Planning