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BLANCO UNIT optimises space - and peace - in the kitchen!


25 July 2022

 BLANCO UNIT optimises space - and peace - in the kitchen!
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How is the all-in-one BLANCO UNIT so clever?

Drink. Prep. Clean. That is the motto BLANCO has set out when uniting the hub around the kitchen sink, tap and waste bin area. Everything needed in the busy space is all in one place with the BLANCO UNIT which creates a space-saving, timesaving, creative place.

There are many benefits when you decide on the BLANCO UNIT. 

  • Flexibility - you can choose items from the BLANCO range to suit your kitchen style and budget.
  • Drinking water systems - anything from the FONTAS-S II filter tap to the clever EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1 smart tap having this addition will prove not only eco-friendly but will add that extra high-tech element to your kitchen. Stunning semi-professional or classic mixer taps in a variety of finishes are also available to choose from.
  • Hygiene - everything is in one area. When chopping up chicken or vegetables, the risk of spillage is removed when carrying the chopping board from A to B as the bin is right there.
  • Multi-functional - with these clever combinations, everything above the work surface becomes a multi-functional sink area that works beautifully, is easy to use and keep clean. It simply looks great.

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