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Petributes Releases New Cockapoo Urn

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 Petributes Releases New Cockapoo Urn

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Petributes, the leading supplier to the pet funeral sector, has released a Cockapoo urn, which is available now. The Cockapooboosts the range of Petributes' figurine dog urnsto more than 20 breeds. The urns provide a discreet way of storing a pet's ashes, through the use of a hollow interior.

TheCockapoo'sfun loving, enthusiastic and affectionate nature makes them a very popular choice for a family pet.  As a hybrid animal, created from Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, they have become a much-loved breed across the UK and Petributes has seen increased call for urns for this particular breed in recent years. All urns are individually designed by a West Sussex based sculpturer, who undertakes intensive research into the breed, by collating dozens of images and studying anatomical books to ensure an accurate representation.

The finished statue provides a discrete resting place for an owner's beloved dog.The urn can also be personalised with an engraved name or short message.

Adam Masters, MD at Petributes, explains: "When we're considering a new pet urn, it's important for us to do our research. With most breeds having average lifespans of more than a decade, it's actually the breeds that were popular ten or even 12 years ago that tend be of most importance. Cockapoo's have been a popular dog breed for many households since 2010, and so our work on the Cockapoo urn began last year. We've been delighted with the end result, which really does capture the Cockapoo's warm and happy nature, and lovable qualities. We hope that it supports those families wanting to memorialise their cherished family pet."

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Petributes is a leading supplier to the pet funeral sector, providing creative and memorable products to support families through their pet's bereavement. The company's products include caskets, urns and a range of memorial keepsakes. Petributes is well respected and trusted, with a strong emphasis on customer service, product quality and innovation. Founded in 1994, Tributes enjoys a worldwide reach with significant presence across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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