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Why choose KönigOutdoor for the ultimate in al fresco living?

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23 June 2022

Why choose KönigOutdoor for the ultimate in al fresco living?

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Pictured left is Joanne Bull, Marketing Manager for Königstone. Pictured right is a KönigOutdoor kitchen with pizza oven and ice compartment.

Outdoor living is booming in popularity here in the UK. Once confined to balmy Southern hemisphere countries,  the al fresco life is attainable as we have devised clever ways to keep warm and dry should the heavens open in the middle of a meal!  Part of the trend encompasses all manner of outdoor kitchens - but who and what should you choose for yours? The market is growing - and all with different prices, sizes, quality and looks. Joanne Bull, Marketing Manager of the Königstone brand behind the debut outdoor kitchen, discusses the key points which make KönigOutdoor stand out from the rest.

Made to order with endless possibilities

All KönigOutdoor orders are made-to-order in the UK. This allows you to select most of the design options possible with an indoor kitchen; all manufactured to the very highest specification to withstand the elements. You can design your dream outdoor kitchen as cabinets can be made to whatever size is required (up to a maximum width of 1200mm) as well as having the option for internal drawers made for any cabinet (up to a maximum width 900mm). Being made-to-order also ensures that the worktops will have the minimum number of joints (if any) and that the pattern will flow across the doors and panels if a veined décor is chosen.

Although we have chosen eight Neolith colour options, we can create cabinetry out of most other sintered stone options. We have also incorporated other materials into KönigOutdoor kitchens including brick, granite and cedar wood.

100% weatherproof

Carcasses used in KönigOutdoor kitchens are made with the best quality weatherproof material which boasts a 25-year guarantee against damp ingress. Case histories for other applications for this material include pond linings, rills and raised flower beds!

Completely durable and will never lose colour

The doors and worktops are made from Neolith sintered stone, which has been used for exterior cladding for over 25 years. Along with giving a high­er lev­el of fin­ish and allow­ing you to have the mar­ble or con­crete-look outdoor, there are no issues with sintered stone losing colour from constant exposure to UV light. It is highly scratch resistant, easily resists extreme temperatures without degradation and there is no danger of warping or twisting. It is also very easy to maintain; simply wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent or anti-bacterial spray to create a hygienic usable surface for food preparation and food service.

Sleek and stylish - inside and out

The appliances and accessories that we stock including grills, sinks, taps and handles are made with high-grade stainless steel, making them incredibly durable and heavy-duty ensuring good looks for many years.

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