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Choosing The Right Bouquet For A Wedding Dress Silhouette



Choose The Right Bouquet For Your Wedding Dress Silhouette

When it comes to choosing a bouquet to complement the design and silhouette of a wedding dress, the fashion-conscious bride needs to consider far more than their favourite flowers. The shape of the dress is an essential element to bear in mind when considering the overall look. Blooming Haus, a floral design studio - one of the UK's most innovative floral design studios, will always sit down with the bride to discuss the shape and style of her dress, before recommending the right bouquet. Their bespoke service will underline thatit's not one dress shape that fits all, every dress and bride is different.

The duo behind Blooming Haus - master florist Michal Kowalski and Michael Dariane have put together the following pointers to consider when choosing a floral arrangement.

Column Dresses Require Smaller Bouquet Shapes -Sheath-style wedding dresses are a modern take on the traditional wedding dress that work beautifully with lean and athletic figures. Whether the dress is figure-hugging or drops straight to the floor, a favourite bouquet shape for this style should be on the smaller side to contrast  the rectangular lines. Bouquets composed of the same flowers and colour palette offer a timeless and classic look. 

Ballgowns Require Big Bouquet Styling -Without the proper guidance, ballroom gowns are an easy one for brides to get wrong. They can very easily become over the top, or the bouquet gets lost behind the dress. 

How do you get it right? Big blooms mixed in with smaller daintier blooms that accentuate the colours and textures of the day are a great way to keep the middle ground between size and statement. Brides should consider ballgown bouquets finished with a wide ribbon to centre the bold look and tie it all together beautifully.

Classic blooms are a popular choice to pair with this classic dress style - roses being the obvious choice. Though, when coupled with more unusual choices like anemones, or baby's breath it can make for an incredibly dynamic and standout arrangement. 

For V-necks, a V-shaped Bouquet Is Recommended - it works in harmony to highlight the ornate detailing at the top half of the dress without detracting from the flowing A-line below. For most A-line dresses medium bouquet shapes and styles are usually the perfect sizes to complement the style of the dress.  The stunning simplicity that A-lines add means one can play around with pops of colour and textures that tie in beautifully with your venue to add interest. Hand-tied bouquet types work brilliantly too for that freshly-picked feel! 

If you would like further details on dress and floral styling, or images, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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