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Wideblue showcases latest in medical device innovations

For Immediate Release:22June 2022




Wideblue, amulti-award winning product design, development and manufacturing consultancy, showcasedthe latest in medical device innovations at the Med-Tech 2022.


Wideblue has been working at the cutting edge of medical device design and development since 2006, and is now seen as one of the UK's leading experts in this field.Wideblue has seena large increase initsturnoveroverthe last twelve months, with its headcount increasing to 24.Wideblue'sparent company, Pivot International, also acquired A2E to form Scotland's largest independent product design group.


Wideblue managing director,Barry Warden, commented: "We have been working on various cutting edge medicaldevice projectswhich weweredelighted to showcase at Med-Tech 2022. Most of the projects we work on are one of a kind often using ground-breakingtechnologies.  We are pleased to be working in partnership with some of the world's leading medical device companies on designing and developing products which will make a real difference to patient health.Wideblueisproud to be carrying on Scotland's rich history of innovation and enterprise in the medical sector."


Atthe exhibition, Wideblue showcaseda number of innovative products, including:


-Calcivis-is a new Dental Luminescence Imaging Camera which is currently in production. The Calcivis imaging device is designed to provide a detailed image of the tooth after delivering an application of Calcivis photoprotein. The hand-held medical device is initiated via a "one touch" computer controlled process and a specialised sensor integrated into the device immediately detects the resulting luminescence (light flash). In less than 1 second bespoke software presents a chair side demineralization "hot-spot" image map to clinicians, enabling more informed and efficient dialog with patients. After designing and manufacturing a number of advanced prototypes of the device for clinical trials, Wideblue has worked with Calcivis to develop a full commercial product which is currently in production in the UK.


-Cranofacio Drill Drivers- This battery powered device is used within the surgical suite and is used for neurosurgical procedures involving drilling and driving titanium and bioresorbable screws.  It is currently in production at Pivot International (in Philippines).


-Peek Retina- Peek were keen to produce a low cost ophthalmoscope and make it available to a wide range of clinicians throughout the world. Peek asked Wideblue to improve a prototype mobile phone based ophthalmoscope and get the product ready for sale. Wideblue initially carried out optical design of the product using Zemax software to optimise the product's optical performance. Early stage hand built models were made to validate the results. Wideblue carried out design for manufacture, injection mold tooling and supported start up manufacturing in the UK.


-Softcell Medical- in partnership with Softcell Medical Wideblue has designed a new product which measures and displays a patients pH levels during surgery highlighting potential restriction of blood flow to vital organs. As of now the first 15 prototypes have been manufactured and the device is about to start clinical trials. The pH system is intended for the assessment of patients who have sustained injuries or have developed disease processes that make them susceptible to ischaemia or localised tissue death that in it's severe form can result in the development of compartment syndrome or generalised tissue death.


- Heated transfer device -Wideblue has developed a new device to aid emergency services in safe transfer of patients.There are salient unresolved issues with the current practice of transferring patients from the scene of an accident through their pre- and in-hospital journey. Another problem with standard manual handling devices such as spine boards and scoop stretchers used in an accident situation is that they are often cold and hard surfaces leading to additional risks of the patient losing body heat. Unfortunately, hypothermia is common in trauma victims and can reduce chances of survival.


Wideblue, in collaboration withSME Science to Business, andEast Anglian Air Ambulance(EAAA),and funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research,have developed a heated transfer device product which ispadded, light weight and foldable to fit into an ambulance, air ambulance or first-responder's vehicle. A clean single-use plastic cover is used for each patient which facilitates transfer using the device and prevents any cross infection between patients.Potential users include A&E hospitals, air and road ambulances, first response military staff, ski patrol and mountain rescue medical teams as well as emergency and disaster relief services.


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Notes to Editors


About Wideblue


Wideblue became part of Pivot International ( in April 2018 after being acquired by the Kansas-based company for an undisclosed sum.


Based in Glasgow, Wideblue has a+20-year track record of helping clients take innovative and novel product ideas from the drawing board to prototyping and on to full scale manufacture and commercialisation. The company was established in 2006 as a management buyout from the Polaroid Corporation's European research and development division working on the company flagship instant camera range and related products. Since then the company has been delivering hundreds of projects for a variety of organisations from start-ups and university spin-outs to multinational corporations. The company is frequently engaged in collaborative projects working with some of Europe's leading research organisations and universities, especially in the areas of imaging, optoelectronics and bio-medical engineering. The skill set in-house ranges from physics, optics, electronics and software through to mechanical engineering, prototyping, medical devices, manufacture and supply chain management.


About Pivot International


Founded in Kansas City in 1972, Pivot International started as a product design and development engineering firm. It was one of the first U.S. product development firms to engage with global sourcing, opening a procurement office in Taiwan in 1985 and a manufacturing division in the Philippines in 1989. Pivot offers services in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software design, industrial design, project management, contract manufacturing, electronic manufacturing services (EMS), prototyping, supply chain management, data management, business development, and regulatory compliance. Pivot has more than 40 years of expertise in the field of product development and manufacturing. Positioned as a world leader in outsourced product development and manufacturing, Pivot offers the seamless convenience of working with a U.S. company and the financial advantages of utilizing its own in-house, offshore, tooling procurement and manufacturing capabilities.


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