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Introducing the BeSafe Stretch a rear-facing car seat from birth to 7 years

Introducing the BeSafe Stretch

The rear-facing car seat that keeps your kids safe and comfortable from baby to 7 years



Would you like to keep your child rear-facing for longer but worried about limited space for them to stretch out? BeSafe has a solution for you in the NEW BeSafe Stretch car seat. The first of its kind the Stretch is BeSafe's safest seat yet, keeping children rear-facing up to 7 years without compromising on comfort. Like all BeSafe seats the Stretch is made prioritising the safety of your child with its extensive features and has easy installation suitable for all car and seat types.



Top 5 features of the Stretch are:

  1. Rear-facing forever and ever! - with unbeatable leg space of up to 26cm and no risk of outgrowing the maximum 36kg weight limit this seat will keep your child rear-facing for longer. This seat is suitable from 9 months (61cm) to 7 years (125cm).
  2. Maximum safety - the Stretch has a new and innovative exo frame, the construction connects with the car belts and floor to bear the forces in the case of a frontal crash. The rigid seat shell spine transfers the child's energy onto the exo frame, keeping the child in a stable position in an impact. Allowing children to travel 5 x safer for longer.
  3. Flexible and easy installation - the seat is belt mounted (no isofix) making it possible to install in any car and any seat, giving you maximum flexibility. Retracting lower tethers and an easy lock-off and tensioning mechanism make for intuitive and sturdy installation. The Stretch is one of the easiest seats to install on the market.
  4. Individualised comfort - with 5 recline positions, a 10-step adjustable headrest and lots of space for growing legs this seat provides exceptional comfort. Magnetic belt assistantsmake getting in and out of the seat a breeze. With Two-Fit cushionsfor an individual adjustment to the child really makes this the seat that truly grows with your child.
  5. The seat that cares for the future - By using long lasting materials and making the exchange of parts a lot easier, BeSafe have extended the life of the seat to approx. 15 years. The seat that not only cares for your child now, but also cares about their future.


Okke van Mourik,director of Research and Development at BeSafe quotes:


"At BeSafe we are dedicated to developing the safest possible car seats for children of all ages and pride ourselves on our innovation and design.


As a brand we recommend all children stay rear facing for as long as possible when travelling by car for several reasons. Currently in the UK the age limit to stay rear facing is 15 months old, however we advise you keep your child rear facing for longer. 


Firstly rear facing gives a very substantial reduction of forces on a child's neck in the event of a front or side impact. In a collision a rear facing seat acts as a protective shell around the child, completely supporting the body and head. For example, if the child was forward facing their head is far more vulnerable, with forces pushing them forward and colliding with the hard parts of the vehicle's interior.


Secondly, with the use of mirrors adults in the front can have a perfect view of the child, which is not the case with forward facing seats.


We have designed the Stretch to have available space within the frame of the seat and for the legs, supporting the child as they grow in the utmost comfort.In all crash situations the Stretch is that protective shell you want around the child."


Technical Information:


       Height: 61-125 cm

       Max. weight: 36kg

       Age: Approx 6 months - 7 yrs*

       Installation: 3 point vehicle belt

       Direction: Rear Facing

       Approved: UN R129 (specific vehicle)

       Seat weight: 10kg

       Features:Dynamic Force Absorber™

       Additional side impact protection SIP+

       Magnetic Belt Assistants™

       Two-Fit cushions


*Please note that the stated age range is just a guideline based on average values and does not limit or guarantee usage time.


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