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Marvelous Marlborough accessories from Thomas Crapper

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8 June 2022

Marvelous Marlborough accessories from Thomas Crapper

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Pictured is the Marlborough gold toilet roll holder
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Opulence and beauty are at the heart of Thomas Crapper's vision for your bathroom. If it is a traditional, authentic look you are going for, the new Marlborough range will deliver in every single aspect.

Combining high-quality materials with tried-and-tested manufacturing techniques, the Marlborough set takes direct inspiration from genuine Victorian pieces. You can choose from a total of 13 products, the majority of which are available in three elegant finishes - polished brass, nickel, or chrome.

Hand-made in Britain from solid brass, the range includes luxurious golden-coloured toilet roll holders, adjustable bathroom gallery shelves for ease of cleaning, a sophisticated tilting mirror for effortless use and utility, and tumbler holders based on original designs that double up as gilded candle holders for a more tranquil ambience.

As Thomas Crapper consistently proves, if you buy the right quality, you only have to buy once!

Prices start at £19 for the china tumbler.

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