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RINGANA FRESH packs A,B,C - Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetable Supplements


We are delighted to be working with RINGANA the Austrian supplements and skincare brand. All of their products are vegan, sustainable and fresh. RINGANA can proudly say that not only is its entire product palette climate-neutral, but that this also applies to the entire company.
The RINGANA FRESH packs have just been reformulated, they are plastic free and come in handy sachets so no faffing around to work out the amount to add to water. FRESH Packs A, B and C are freeze dried fruit and vegetable supplements that you mix with water to drink. And... they taste great!

More info is below and we do hope this may appeal for any suitable features and of course we have products available to review too. 

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Brand-new formulation: RINGANA FRESH packs A,B,C

St. Johann, Austria May 2022: It has been around twenty-one years since RINGANA CEO Andreas Wilfinger took part in the New York Marathon and came up with his idea for a food supplement that would be better and more natural than anything that what was currently available. That's how RINGANA FRESH packs antiox, balancing and cleansing came into being and today - with a long success story behind them and lots of updates - the sixth generation is now being launched on the market with a new formulation.

Getting the best out of things

"The latest update of our FRESH packs is characterised by even more freshness and balance, even more freeze drying and - very importantly - even tastier than ever before," is the proud comment from Andreas Wilfinger who particularly appreciates the deep trawl through the treasure chest of highly effective, secondary plant substances.

And it's freeze drying that really makes the difference. An innovative process makes it possible to treat the selected ingredients ultra gently and get the best out of them: the nutrients, the full flavour and the best aromas. Some selected fruit and certain vegetables are gently freeze dried immediately after being harvested when they are perfectly ripe.

The combination of icy cold and the simultaneous extraction of water makes it possible. And that in turn makes FRESH packs A to C highly effective, with an extra serving of freshness, and rich in vitamins and minerals. They are genuine natural talents in their particular areas when it comes to protecting the cells from harmful stress, stimulating the digestion, or getting our bodies back into balance.


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FRESH pack antiox

Antiox is a vitamin booster containing natural antioxidants that support the body's defences and protect our cells. For instance, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, selenium, copper and zinc combat oxidative stress, while Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and folate give our immune system a boost of power. What's new is that antiox now contains freeze-dried fruit powder.Super fruits like maqui berry, sea buckthorn and melon deliver the concentrated power of fruit.

260g for £63.42


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FRESH pack balancing

Thanks to its green ingredients, FRESH pack B boosts vegetable intake - with positive results for the whole body: Spinach, freeze-dried broccoli, alfalfa powder and other valuable vegetables - including carrots and Styrian chlorella and spirulina alga powder - help to restore inner balance. With the help of zinc, it contributes to a healthy acid-alkali balance, while magnesium supports electrolyte balance.

The unique composition of bioavailable water and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals produces a balanced nutrient profile that provides the body with targeted support.


260g for £40.24


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FRESH pack cleansing

FRESH pack cleansing contains a large amount of well-tolerated fibre (11g per sachet) from enzymatically fermented guar seed and acacia fibre, linseed, psyllium, apple fibre and carrot fibre, that supports our gut in a natural way.

One sachet also contains one billion colony-forming units of digestion-regulating microorganisms. Calcium supports the function of digestive enzymes. Zinc, for its part, boosts carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolisation.

FRESH pack C also contains a balanced complex of vitamins and minerals, as well as valuable herbal extracts. It has a mild flavour thanks to freeze-dried mango powder.

Tip: Because of the fibre it contains, pack cleansing also really satisfies hunger, and it works particularly well when combined with BEYOND biotic.

520g for £57.12


Recommended intake

Dilute the contents of one sachet with 100 ml water - or to suit your taste - and drink, once a day. We recommend using the RINGANA Shaker with the PACK Shaker Ball to prepare your FRESH pack. 




Notes to the editor: 

To speak with the RINGANA team or for more information, images and for review products please contact Karin Ridgersinfo@mad-promotions.com01277 658755.



Founded in 1996, RINGANA is a pioneering Austrian company in the natural skin care and food supplements industry. RINGANA meanwhile employs over 600 people and achieved net turnover of around 192 million euro in 2021. The cornerstones of RINGANA's success are: freshness, efficacy and sustainability. The products are vegan and contain no artificial preservatives or additives. They are manufactured at RINGANA's new facility in St. Johann in der Haide and are shipped from there to international customers in 34 countries.