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Thomas Crapper – for installer-friendly bathrooms

12 May 2022

Thomas Crapper- for installer-friendly bathrooms

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High quality products and fittings are key to making the installer’s jobtrouble-free. This thinking underlies the Thomas Crapper brand which has been synonymous with luxury British-made bathrooms since 1861. Embracing modern plumbing practices, the company offers ranges that bring the authentic style of Victorian and Edwardian sanitary and brassware firmly into the 21st century.

For the installer, the advantage of using Thomas Crapper products is that they have been developed using the highest quality materials and are manufactured with great precision and attention to detail, often using traditional methods. Put simply, components fit together properly and easily; they also stand the test of everyday use. Hold a set of the company’s taps and the weight and quality of the brassware are quickly evident.

While many of today’s mass-produced products may seek to give the outward appearance of solidity and tradition, often they use relatively cheap metal casings, with plated and plastic components that can all too easily fail or degrade. With Thomas Crapper’s products, cast brass - sometimes chrome or nickel plated - is the preferred choice, coupled with meticulous design to ensure items function perfectly. Just one example of the attention to detail that goes into producing each item is the company’s basin waste set which is handmade from 15 components.

Thomas Crapper embraces modern innovation. One of the company’s best-selling toilet cisterns is created using traditional Victorian tooling but, instead of being made from cast iron, it is formed with a durable, plumber-friendly marine alloy and a plastic liner to prevent condensation and reduce noise. Toilet cisterns are six- and four-litre dual flush. Even so, the company still uses syphon valves. This is not simply for authenticity; these valves generally function better than many modern valves that are prone to leak, wasting valuable water in the process.

99% of Thomas Crapper’s products are manufactured in the UK so the short supply chain means good availability and a low carbon footprint. For any technical queries, plumbers can call on the experienced head office team that is always ready to help.

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Editors' note:

Iconic British-made bathrooms for lasting luxury.

Thomas Crapper, who established the company in 1861, devoted his life to contemporary design and innovation that improved the lives of others. This dedication to quality and craft created a legacy of products that still have excellence and sustainability at their heart. An investment in Thomas Crapper products guarantees lasting beauty and reliability. In 2022, Thomas Crapper & Co Ltd. is the ‘go to' bathroom brand for customers purchasing unique, luxury bathroom products.


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