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How exactly can I use room dividers now that I have need for more independent sp


12 May 2022

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Here we highlight some of the advantages to selecting room dividers to reorganise your space and why Draks' collection is perfect for the budding interior designers among you! Due to the pandemic, the world of work has changed and having a comfortable space for living and work has never been more important.

What are room dividers?

Room dividers separate spaces in any area to create smaller sections of a room. The versatility of a room divider is part of the appeal because it can transform any space into another room to maximise your home's capacity. Draks' room dividers go beyond practicality; they add a touch of elegance and glamour too!

Benefits of room dividers

        Organising small spaces/functional


        Flexible placement


Why Draks' room dividers?

For over 20 years, Draks has created stunning space-saving solutions. The room dividers are a perfect illustration of maximising small spaces whist creating chic and stylish solutions. Draks has helped many to adapt their space into more than just a home; it can boast an office, study, and dining area too, for example.

Draks' portfolio is varied and constantly evolving to offer the perfect room divider for any space and taste. Draks' offers bespoke solutions too!

The room dividers employ a unique, bottom-weighted sliding system that increases stability regardless of how wide the divider is. Placing a rebated track in the floor means that the top track acts as a guide only, thus allowing installation in tricky places. The bottom track can be surface-mounted and, at only 6mm thick, does not cause an obstruction. The divider, therefore, can be installed in a variety of different rooms and recessed into carpet, laminate, hard floors or even marble and tiling.

Draks has designed two ranges of room dividers - aluminium room dividers and the Canto room dividers and partitions.

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  Click here for the Canto image from Draks 

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