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Jordan Messoud: From boot fair to millionaire, teaching others how to make money


I'm sending you this media release, about 25-year-old Londoner Jordan Messoud, who has gone from boot fair to millionaire in about 10 years.
After working out how to make money online, he has now set up a 'university' portal that others can complete to follow in his footsteps.
He did it after people kept asking him how he did it and saw a gap in the market to share what he has taken several years to learn.

He is keen to share his knowledge of e-commerce, drop-shipping, and how to find the best things to buy online to make money, with others who want to do it to.
Whether people want to make £300 a month to top up wages and pay bills without getting into debt with the price hikes, or they want to make it their main income, or save for something such as education or a home,  the course shows them how.
He also wants to encourage good and honest business relationships and working practices, but also giving back too.
The courses are priced between £400 - £500, but Jordan hopes that this is accessible and once completed, delegates will make their money back and more, very quickly; whatever their goal, they can succeed with Jordan's course, which is updated regularly with new content.

The latest content which is going on in mid-May is about NFT.  

I'm looking for journalists and publications who might like to use his story for:

  • A profile piece - young entrepreneur, London businessman, making money and using it for good
  • Start-up ideas
  • Business how-to
  • Topical piece - how to make extra money when everything is going up except your wages 
  • NFT - how to make money from it without millions in your pocket first

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Sunday 1stMay, 2022

From school tuck shop to e-commerce millionaire - The London boy on his way to being a billionaire - and helping others to make it too

An Ethiopian-born London e-commerce guru and would-be billionaire who made his first million aged just 25 has launched his own online ‘university' to teach others to do the same.

He's an extraordinary young man who wants his peers to join him in making money, share with them how to do it and enjoy watching their success.

Making ends meet
At a time when bills are going up, wages are staying the same and people are finding it hard to make ends meet, Jordan is teaching people how to make money online to plug the widening gap.

His students include people who want to make extra money to help pay the rising bills, plus others who just want to feel more financially comfortable or are saving for something - a holiday, education, car or a deposit for their first home...almost impossible in today's property market without a significant deposit.

Others want to learn to begin a career as an entrepreneur.

26-year-old, Jordan Messoud's self-titled university course promises to teach others ‘in two weeks what I have learnt in two years' about selling online.

Current market
He's in tune with his audience too - mainly 18-30s who lack know-how, but also money, time or both, so Jordan takes them through everything in videos that are never longer than 10 minutes; because today's young start-ups want the information and fast.

The videos cover drop-shipping and arbitrage, as well as the basics of starting and growing a business.

His latest one will be NFTs - which will be on the university portal in early May, covering how to by NFTs, how to identify good NFT projects,  how to resell NFTs and how to create your own NFT.

It's a huge topic at the moment and Jordan is keen to add the new module to help people who want to know more.

Jordan's ambition was evident from a young age:

When he was 12, he was selling food to fellow students at his Pimlico school because they didn't like the food there and he could provide what they wanted - at a mark-up.

When he was 16, he bought a van he couldn't yet drive and filled it with boot fair stock, with his dad as the driver.

He kept his profits and savings in a shoe box under his bed.

At 20, he started his e-commerce business in his bedroom.

At 21, he was investing his savings in property, and cash-bought a flat in his parents' home country of Ethiopia. It's affordably rented to a local family and provides a small income for his uncle who manages it for him.

By 22, his student debt of £25,000 was paid off.

At 25 he reached his first million.

As well as covering business admin, how to find products, suppliers, and business promotion, he provides vital help on the basics such as how to use initial investment to make the next re-investment chunk.

He said: "I want them to succeed and to earn the extra they need each month, whether that be £300 or £1,000, or to turn it into their main income stream, earning £3,000 or £10,000."

He doesn't skim or miss anything out - he simply presents mini topics in each video in a logical order; the order you'll need them in.

And if his students have a question, they just email him or send him a What's App - and he'll answer it, plus make a new video to upload for other students to watch too.

In a world of instant messaging, Jordan is on-hand to help at the end of a text.

Doing good with wealth
Although proud to declare himself a would-be billionaire, Jordan's motives are not homes across the globe or a line-up of supercars.

It's because, he says: "Being a billionaire brings a responsibility to make a difference to others. It allows investment to change their lives, give the opportunity to start or get on the right track and become financially independent, which everyone should have."

This ethical approach is a core part of the course, too, with a focus on the importance of business relationships - building them, maintaining them and the value of always being polite, even in a dispute.

He wants to encourage peaceful and collaborative business, having seen plenty of bad business operating out there.

He'd like to see more people to using their wealth for good, whether that be a little or a lot.

And he practices what he preaches. Jordan runs a yearly football tournament in his home country, Ethiopia; a day of fun, food, community and gifts, which he says, gives him enormous pleasure to be able to do.

He said: "The football tournament is something that everyone involved with, looks forward to, where I can meet people and they can ask me for as much help and guidance as they want to about their own businesses or starting one

"The football brings us together and they leave feeling confident, excited and ready to make a change - and that's what I want to inspire."




Kaine is a 16-year-old South Londoner who signed up for Jordan's course which he does in his spare time around his GCSE revision.

In July, after his exams are done, he will head off to Football College with the aim of becoming a professional footballer.

He wants to earn £2,000-£3,000 a month which he plans to save, so that he can kick start a property company when the time's right. He wants to be self-employed so that he can manage his own time, routine and have financial freedom - but he wants to be employed too, so that he can learn from others and take the best bits forward with him.


Clare set herself a goal of making an extra £500 a month. Three months after taking the course, she is earning this income having got herself set up and trained up on using Etsy.

The £500 goal was to make paying the bills easier, but every month her earnings creep up, her new goal of quitting the 9-5 and going self-employed is becoming a reality.

She'd always been interested in e-commerce but hadn't delved in, lacking knowledge - until she took Jordan's course.

When she is earning more than the day job, she will follow her dream of being self-employed.




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