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Cult Psychedelic Sci-Fi Masterpiece Spacebin Re-released
David Hollinshead

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The Cult Psychedelic Sci-Fi Masterpiece Spacebin Gets a Re-release


Formerly known as ‘Essex Spacebin’ gets a re-release as simply ‘Spacebin’ for international audiences and has been fully jettisoned into a high orbit around the world of VOD.


Spacebin is a hilarious Brit Psychedelic Sci­fi Comedy from filmmaker David Hollinshead was picked up and distributed by Troma Entertainment Inc, the US Indie home of cult movies like Tromeo and Juliet and The Toxic Avenger.


"It's Chris Morris meets The Mighty Boosh!... Hot. Hilarious. Galactic. " said Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment, Inc. and creator of The Toxic Avenger.



Spacebin follows lovable Lorraine Willy, a middle-aged woman who believes she has been infused with a divine purpose that only she (and an Intergalactic Rasta named Hogan) can fathom. Seeking to conquer time and space with help from her friends & family, a Drift car (Nissan Skyline) and a PDF of Amen­Ra's original Pyramid construction specs, will Lorraine herald the existence of a portal to another world?


“A hugely enjoyable romp through a landscape that feels quintessentially British yet completely otherworldly. 8/10.”



“Something that Troma fans have been waiting since Poultrygeist.”



“The ending is a triumph, absolutely perfect and incredibly funny. They’ve created something very very strange, and completely unique."



“Spacebin is a darkly funny movie in the Troma tradition.”PATRICK KING - BATTLEROYALWITHCHEESE.COM 


“Spacebin... Nasty, rough-edged, grainy, bizarre, original spirit of independent filmmaking.”



A unique film indeed as Spacebin is a one of a kind by today’s standards. Not only is it gut­bustingly funny, but also a technical achievement as the entire film was shot mostly on 35mm; a medium that is as rare as it is distinguished in the world of micro-budgeting filmmaking.


“The packed theatrical release, at London's prestigious Prince Charles’ Cinema, was amazing. It was heart-warming that so many people came up and shook my hand saying things like, ‘I’ve been waiting for a film like this all my life.’ Lorraine has become a bit of an East London celebrity, she lost count how many people stopped her in the streets. I wanted to re-release the because I don't think enough people have seen it yet. It’s trippy watching the film with English subtitles. I had to manually edit them myself and it took hours. I tried three companies, they all got it so horribly wrong - this is how niche the film is, even the dialect is far from normal. This is a real gift to humanity.”


People can watch Spacebin on Amazon, Google Play and Tubi, with a release on Apple TV+ in the pipeline.


A digital link to the film is available:

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