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Water activity analyser for food and pharmaceutical applications - with live dem


March 2022


Water activity analyser for food and pharmaceutical applications - with live demonstration service!

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The latest Series 4TE instrument from exclusiveUK distributor of Aqualab water activity analysers, is an accurate, quick, simple and cost-effective way for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies to gain valuable information about gels, powders, pastes and tablets. New for customers is a live-demonstration service so that potential users can see the product in practice while talking to the key technical team - securely and confidentially. By using a video conferencing facility and using samples of your products, Labcell is able to offer a truly bespoke trial of the Aqualab 4TE 

TheAquaLab Series 4TEproducesaccurate measurements of the water activity in active ingredients, excipients and formulations. Water activity measurements are essential when following due course and process as part of GMP (good manufacturing practice) because water activity has a significant bearing on product stability, as well as the handleability of materials in production and packaging equipment.AquaLab Series 4TE is a precise,easy-to-use instrument which enables lab-quality measurements of water activity to be made in the production environment. It is suitable for use by formulation and research and development teams, as well as those working on new packaging designs.

A feature of the AquaLab Series 4TE is temperature equilibration allowing users to set the sample temperature to anything from 15 to 50oC; the analyser then maintains that temperature throughout the test. The instrument has a measurement range of 0.030 to 1.000 aw, an accuracy of +/-0.003 awand a repeatability of +/-0.001 aw.

Users in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries willappreciate the way in which the AquaLab Series 4TE handles data with a strong emphasis on traceability. Data is captured on the instrument and cannot easily be deleted; it can also be downloaded to a computer for archiving and more detailed analysis. Up to 8,000 data points can be stored securely on the AquaLab and the date, time and operator is logged for every measurement and calibration.

Labcell also supplies the AquaLab Series 4TEV which is identical to the Series 4TE in most respects yet benefits from an additional hygroscopic polymer capacitance sensor for analysing samples containing volatiles. Users can switch between this sensor and the standard dewpoint sensor via the instrument's front panel menu. Accuracy with the volatiles sensor is +/-0.015 aw.

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