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What are Walk-In Dressing Rooms?

21 March 2022

What are Walk-In Dressing Rooms?

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Walk-in dressing rooms combine space and storage perfectly. They are the ultimate solution for luxury living. Choosing a walk-in dressing room gives you the freedom and space to get dressed and stay organised in style. The features of a walk-in dressing room radiate style and sophistication whilst tending to all your organisational storage needs.

WhyDraks'Walk-In Dressing Rooms?

Every dressing room at Draks is bespoke and tailored towards each client's needs and space. Draks' dressing rooms are perfect for those with an unused space in need of a makeover or within an existing area of your home. Whatever the situation, Draks is able to find and offer the ideal solution. Draks uses unique and bespoke designs in order to maximise any space regardless of the shape and size.

Draks' team consists of skilled and trusted designers, manufacturers and installers to ensure each dressing room fulfils all client's wishes. The whole process is entirely managed on site through Draks to ensure guaranteed quality and satisfaction. Furthermore, Draks uses solely sustainably sourced, premium quality materials to further guarantee the ultimate solution for your space.

What are the costs of Walk-In Dressing Rooms?

The costs of each Walk-In dressing room is determined by range, size and the selected material used.

Costs vary depending on the selected range and material used.

£300-800mper linear metre

Walk-In Dressing Room Ideas and Inspiration

Draks' range is extensive to allow each customer to make their walk-in dressing room suit their space and taste. Some of Draks' products include Walk-In Wardrobes, Sliding Wardrobe Doors, Hinged Wardrobe Doors, Wardrobe Interiors, and Room Dividers. This broad and diverse range of products allows for the creation of a totally bespoke and personalised walk-in dressing room.

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