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Top five kitchen design trends to keep an eye on in 2022 according to Davonport
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Press release

7 December 2021

Top five kitchen design trends to keep an eye on in 2022 according to Davonport

The team of expert designers at Davonport Kitchen & Home have highlighted the kitchen design trends that they expect to shine through in 2022. They reveal that many of the predictions for 2022 are an evolution of themes that arose during the lockdowns and social limitations of 2020 and early 2021.

Richard Davonport, Managing Director at Davonport kitchens commented: “The COVID-19 crisis upended nearly every aspect of our lives. In terms of our homes and particularly our kitchens, the pandemic accelerated and intensified some trends that were already underway and as we navigate our way back to normality, there are still echoes of the pandemic in homeowners’ design choices for next year.”

1. Open shelving

Perhaps as a result of wanting to create a sanctuary, open shelving has become an increasingly popular addition to kitchen design. Displaying meaningful or decorative items is a relatively simple and effective way to inject personality into a room giving it a more inviting and homely feel. Additionally, not only are these shelves a great aesthetic addition but they are also a highly practical storage solution for commonly-used utensils, ingredients or cookery books.  

2. Antique and smoked glass

The use of glass in kitchen design has always been a popular choice, however, over the past 12 months, we are starting to see it used more decoratively and dramatically as splashbacks or backdrops for open shelving. Clear glass has been usurped by the faux patina of antique and smoked styles that bring more of a unique and vintage addition to a kitchen.

3. Home bars

With restrictions on socialising over the past two years, our homes have evolved from being our sanctuary to our main social and entertaining hub. As a result, the demand for a home bar or drinks cabinet within the kitchen has increased and is not looking to abate any time soon. 

4. Making a statement with metallic accents

Chrome and silver have always been a staple of kitchen design, but lately, homeowners are becoming bolder with the use of gold and bronze shades in their homes. These colours were once reserved for smaller accents such as handles or taps, however, in recent times, we have seen them appear in larger forms such as sinks and entire island work surfaces. This again is likely a result of homeowners spending more time at home, and therefore they are looking to add a splash of luxury or hotel-decadence to their interiors. 

5. Neutral backdrops and statement islands

At the tail end of 2020 and throughout 2021, homeowners opted for various shades of green for hand painted cabinetry, perhaps reflecting our solace in nature. However, recently there has been a resurgence in timeless neutral tones to allow the metallics and glass accents to shine in their own right. Bold colours are applied to statement pieces such as an island or larder unit.

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Notes to editors

Davonport was founded over 20 years ago by Richard Davonport. During this time, Davonport has developed an impressive reputation across the UK for design, quality and durability in bespoke kitchens designs, as well as bespoke furniture for other rooms around the home.

Based in the heart of East Anglia is Davonport’s thriving workshop and showroom that employs a team of nearly 30 employees from highly skilled craftsmen to the team of expert designers who work together to create sublime, timeless, bespoke kitchens and interiors exclusively tailored around your unique living style.

Davonport is committed to a policy of acting in an environmentally responsible manner. In practice, this means all the timber used is sourced from suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and when timbers that don’t meet standards are specified alternatives are always provided. Furthermore, environmental awareness runs through the entire business with the addition of a sophisticated extraction system that recycles off-cuts and collects wood shavings.

In fact, Davonport’s commitment to manufacturing superior products has seen the company invest in state of the art technology, combined with the traditional art of cabinet making. Only after a piece of furniture has passed the rigorous quality checks does it receive the Davonport seal of approval.