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QM Recycled Energy Refutes Prime Minister's Assertion


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QM Recycled Energy Refutes Prime Minister's Assertion

During yesterday's press conference at No.10 Prime Minister Mr Johnson surprised environmental campaigners by claiming recycling plastic "doesn't work."

He said: "Recycling isn't the answer. Recycling... it doesn't begin to address the problem."

The Recycling Association was quick to disagree with these comments but QM Recycled Energy's co-founder Tim StClair-Pearce feels the PM's comments should be regarded in a far more nuanced fashion.

"We believe the PM's views were underlining the fact that no one company, nor, indeed, any one country can, on its own, solve the problem(s) of climate change," he said.

"We acknowledge this."

"But, every step taken to address the problem is a step in the right direction; which is why we at QMRE believe we are a small but significant catalyst for change," he continued.

QMRE's plans to deal with the problems of plastic pollution are clearly set out in the accompanying document.


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