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Draks' dream walk-in wardrobes

14 October 2021

Draks' dream walk-in wardrobes 

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Let’s be honest – who would say no to a walk-in wardrobe now that we may have decluttered and sorted our clothes, shoes, bags – and whatever else a wardrobe may house?

We are all looking to make the most of the space in the home after months in it, and “storage” seems to be something we just don’t have enough of!

They do not have to be huge “Hello! Photoshoot” rooms, or ones that Imelda Marcos would find fine! And they can be designed for the most awkward place in the house!

Draks is one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of fully-fitted imaginative, walk-in wardrobes for the home – both traditional and contemporary.  With 20 years of experience and a state-of-the art design, manufacturing and paint facility in Oxfordshire, the company has created all sorts of spaces!  In addition, wardrobe doors, interiors and room dividers are also in the impressive portfolios.


Draks’ collection of fitted walk-in wardrobes comprises the custom-made Skyline range, the modular System Duorange, and the beautifully bespoke Oxford range.

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