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New Bestselling Self Improvement Book - Get Unstuck - Changing Lives


André Radmall’s new self-improvement book, ‘Get Unstuck: Change the Script, Change Your Life' has quickly climbed up the list to become a bestseller.


André Radmall MA MSc BA is a psychotherapist, life coach, actor and author who works with entrepreneurs, leaders and people facing change.


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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceIt was against the backdrop of seismic social and economic change imposed upon us by the pandemic that Radmall produced his new bestselling book, believing that now, more than ever, people are looking for the tools to help them adapt to new circumstances, to reboot their lives and redesign the way they live.


In his book, André draws on his experience as a therapist and actor to help people break out of stuck patterns.


Based on anecdotal evidence from his work as a counsellor, the new bestseller is a beautiful balance of deep wisdom and practical application. André brings over thirty years’ experience as a psychotherapist to bear on the process of change. The approach he shares uses the imagination, creativity and physicality as much as psychology.


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Description automatically generatedThe book provides a roadmap for anyone seeking to make change in their life; moving from old ways of thinking and behaving to constructing new life stories and could be used in relationships, business, or personal life.


Carrie Grant MBE said: “In this book André Radmall offers the complete structure to help us delve into our life-story, it’s influencing events and the emerging narrative that forms the person we tell ourselves we are. His decades of experience and insights are right here on the page, challenging us to transform our inner script." 


André hosts a popular podcast called 'Pivot Points' on iTunes, Spotify and other platforms and he can be found at


A digital copy of André Rdmall’s new bestselling book is available upon request.


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