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Newham Grange farm's commitment to conservation continues with three planned events this September.

The purpose of these events is to educate and inspire the next generation to preserve local wildlife and their natural habitats.

Newham grange farm and Wild Intrigue are hosting Bat Safari, Moth Morning and Wildlife Safari on Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5.

Wendy Rogan, Newham Grange Farm Manager said: "We are thrilled to be welcoming Wild Intrigue to the farm this weekend for three special events to help our visitors learn more about the wildlife that are the natural neighbours to the farm's livestock.

"The guided tours are a fantastic way to get local children involved in looking after all the wonderful creatures who also call the farm home."

Moth Morning

Guides will introduce visitors to the beauty and importance of the misunderstood creatures, as they open up the moth traps set the night before to reveal a kaleidoscope of colour! Moth trapping is vital for conservation, as moths have in important role in the ecosystems and are an indicator of changes in climate and land use. All moths will be safely released after the event.

Wildlife Safari

With hedgerows and trees providing food and shelter, as well as ponds and old buildings to offer sought-after habitats, Newham Grange supports an array of birds, mammals and invertebrates. Visitors are invited to embark on a guided exploration to discover a wilder side to the farm, and to discover the animals, plants and everything in between, that are the natural neighbours to the farm's livestock.

Bat Safari

Visitors can find out all about the impressive diversity of British bats, before heading off with bat detectors in hand to track down bats as they emerge from their roosts and forage. Unfortunately this event has now sold out.

Tickets range from £5.50-£12.50 including 50p booking fee.


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Image: Bat