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Perfectly fresh water from BLANCO's FONTAS-S II Filter tap

24 August 2021

 Perfectly fresh water from BLANCO's FONTAS-S II Filter tap

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BLANCO's range of smart drinking water systems has covered almost every element a customer would want in kitchen tap technology. An impressive new addition is theBLANCO drink.filterFONTAS-SIItap.An integrated BWT multi-stage filter purifies thewater,reduceslimescaleandheavymetalcontentand,thus,enhancesthetaste.BLANCOfiltersystemsprovidethree options - warm, cold and filteredcoldwater - in this multi-functional tap.

Thedrink.filterFONTAS-SIIhas a distinctivepull-out spout which allowsflexible usearoundthesink,makingiteasytofillhousehold appliances. It is unique to the market because of its separate nozzles and two pipes within the spout - keeping the filtered water perfectly pure.

There aretwo separatecontrollevers; one forcold and warm water on the right-hand side, while the control lever for filtered water is on theleft-handside. Inaddition,the high filtering capacity extends the usageintervals while the filter cartridges do not have to bechangedas often which, in turn, savesmoney.

Themulti-stagefilterfromBWTpurifies the water from the pipe severaltimes,gettingridofminuteparticlesthataffectthetaste.The integratedactivated carbon filter reduces the chlorine content, giving the water an even better taste. In addition, the high-performance ionexchangerreduces any heavy metal content which would contaminate the drinkingwater.Lastly, the filtersignificantly reduces the water hardness which means less limescale in coffee machines, kettles and other kitchen appliances, which will extend their lifespan.

The BLANCO Flowmeter is built into the water pipe for the filter and measures precisely how much water is actually flowing through the filter. Depending on the hardness of the water, the Flowmeter will show the filter's remaining capacity. If the filter needs to be changed, a signal will sound in good time. 

The drink.filter FONTAS-S II is part ofBLANCO UNIT drink.systemsrange which includes- EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1, EVOL-S Pro Filter, FONTAS-S II Filter and TAMPERA 3-in-1.The filter can also be perfectly slotted into the sink cabinet with the cleverBLANCO UNITorganisational system - another innovative addition to the BLANCO range.

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