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An Easy Intro To Ayurveda from A Master Trainer

Ayurveda the Science of Life


To put it simply it is a healing science, one of the oldest. The word itself means "the Science of Life" and it is often called the "Mother of all Healing." But generally speaking, it is also called an alternative form of healing techniques and medicines that focus on prevention, diet, herbal remedies, meditation, breathing, exercises, and physical therapy. Its main purpose is to heal and balance our body, mind, and spirit in a more unique way that varies in each person.


Ayurveda believes that each and every one of us has a unique set of construction or energy and therefore needs to be balanced accordingly. There's more. Here you'll understand further about Ayurveda in simpler ways.


Have you ever questioned some healthy tips, methods, or advice? For instance, why those tips from your favourite diet blogger aren't working for you while some said it is? The internet is full of tips, ways, or advice for good health. However, most of them are kind of the same. Yet, you tried it but nothing seems to have worked. That's because that advice missed an important thing, that all of us are born different. In Ayurveda, our differences and unique construction are considered first. Its healing methods are based on each person's particular unique pattern of energy or the combination of one's physical, mental, and emotional characteristics.

Let me remind you of things to fully grasp what I mean. Have you ever wondered why someone can't easily gain weight even if they eat a lot? While another person you know could gain a lot of weight in just a week if they eat too much. What about allergies? We all have different things that we're allergic to, right? See what I mean with differences. Also according to Ayurveda, everything we eat, do, and all the things around us have different effects on each of us. Just like each of us has unique fingerprints and retinas.

How Ayurveda Works and Why is it called the "Science of Life"?

In Ayurveda, our differences are categories into three energies called doshas, Vata, pitta and Kapha. One or two of those doshas are predominant and each of us has different levels of energy dominance.

Sound a bit confusing?

Here's an example: A person with a high metabolic rate or those people who don't gain weight easily are most likely to have a predominant Pitta. And those who aren't are probably Vata or Kapha. While we all have different predominant doshas, everything around us including food, surroundings, herbs, activities, etc. have different effects on our energies.

For instance, if a person is a Vata-type and they need to lose weight, they need to increase the level of their Pitta by eating food that affects Pitta, or activities that elevate it. And also decrease their Vata by avoiding food that elevates that energy. Basically, while our differences are because of the level of our doshas, everything around us affects those doshas differently.

Ayurveda sees our differences, it's time for you to know how this alternative healing method works. You see, Ayurveda's approach to gain the finest health is by balancing those energies called Doshas.

Preventing and healing physical, mental, and emotional disease or issues can be done if our Doshas are in balance. And to balance it, nothing is the same for each of us. Different approaches are taken as we all have different predominant, levels, and combinations of energy structures.

Why Ayurveda is called the "Science of Life"?

The three doshas are the combination of the five elements that create life, these are Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Each element is a symbol rather than literal elementals. They govern what makes life. For instance, air symbolizes breathing, water is for blood and all liquid inside our body, and so on.

Ayurveda Advocates Nature

Ayurveda also believes that nature is our best ally to finest health. Every approach from Ayurveda is natural, organic, in-season, basically, it tells us that the best things are those things that are naturally given by Mother Earth. On the other hand, preservatives, processed foods, junks, etc. are the ones to be avoided as they only give us toxins that aggravate our doshas and lead to diseases.

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