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Tech volunteers needed to ease Indian covid crisis




Thursday 29 April 2021 - for immediate release


Charity needs tech volunteers to ease covid crisis in India



A UK charity is seeking tech volunteers to repurpose their disaster relief platform to fight the Covid-19 surge in India.Frontline Live is an open-source, rapid response platform built by volunteers at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to respond to unexpected and significant PPE shortages in the United Kingdom.


It invited frontline healthcare workers to report when equipment ran short and plotted their needs on a digital map so that makers, citizens and community groups could see emerging problems and get supplies to them quickly.  The technology, agile operating model and developing partner ecosystem has delivered over 500,000 items of PPE to frontline healthcare workers in the UK.


Now the charity wants India to benefit from the technology by harnessing the power of India's tech professionals. The experts they need to repurpose the platform to serve specific needs in India are web developers, Microsoft Azure specialists and data analysts. India has seen record-breaking levels of Covid-19 cases and the emergency services are at breaking point.


Katz Kiely, Chair of Trustees of Frontline Live, said: "We have this open-source platform that can help to save lives in India. It was designed to link shortages with suppliers quickly and efficiently. The problems that we are seeing in India are those that Frontline was designed to solve. It is critical that we act quickly to save lives. Please contact us via the website."






Media contact

Stephen Fleming, Communications Advisor, Frontline Live

Phone:+44 (0) 7718 756 615



Charity Frontline Live is a rapid response platform built and run by volunteers to keep frontline workers safe in crisis. The pandemic has proved centralised systems and traditional procurement frameworks are not agile enough to respond to need in times of crisis. So Frontline Live volunteers built a decentralised platform that has empowered citizens and communities across the UK, letting them respond rapidly to needs as they appear.



Katz Kiely, Chair of Trustees of Frontline Live, is available for interview upon request.