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Scottish businessman opens the first Covid-Safe office in Tradeston, Glasgow

Scottish businessman opens the first Covid-Safe office 

in Tradeston, Glasgow

 A local businessman will shortly move into the first Covid-Safe office space in the newly gentrified area of Tradeston, Glasgow.

Stephen McCallion, a robotics expert and CEO of ZLX - specialists in government backed research & development tax claims,designed to reward UK companies for investing in innovation, has teamed up with technology experts and scientists to create an office fit for the post pandemic world.

The 5,600 sq. foot of new office space is based in Tradeston, by the River Clyde and is immediately opposite such landmark sites as The Hydro, Science Centre and the Transport Museum.

The building, which was previously the head office for the Co-Operative Bank, has been installed with best in class technology to eliminate viral pathogens and reduce the threat of contact transmission of the coronavirus.

Scientists have established that the coronavirus is highly contagious and transmitted via air, primarily when people cough, sneeze or even talk. The droplets can contain particles of coronavirus which if transmitted, will spread through conventional air filtration systems. 

Stephen McCallion's air handling system however changes the air a minimum of 10 times per hour constantly bringing fresh air from outside the building to reduce the recirculation of office air whilst ensuring that it does not blow from one person to another to spread the virus.  

Also installed are infrared heating panels which warm people, rooms and contents without first heating the air which can spread airborne germs. 

Stephen explains: "The World Health Organisation recommends that workplaces are well ventilated with fresh outside air to reduce the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19. However, in buildings without mechanical ventilation systems where it is suggested that windows are opened where possible, this can cause discomfort to workers, hence an infrared or radiant heating system is the only practical and safe way of keeping people warm." 

Stephen has partnered with LiquidNano™ - global leaders in emerging nano-scale technologies for protective coatings for surfaces who have been engaged to undertake a risk assessment of the new offices. As a result, sterilising products infused with LiquidNano's DiOX antiviral agent will sanitise multiple touch points in the kitchen, breakout areas, toilets and water coolers providing protection for up to 10 days.

The active ingredient within the DiOx formulation is based on a disinfectant called Bacoban, which was originally developed by German microbiologists and tested by The German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM) in Hanover.

These products, which leave behind a microscopic coating that releases a disinfectant slowly over a period of days, are designed to close the 'hygiene gap' which experts warn can enable pathogens to survive on all surfaces including computer screens and mobile phones for up to 28 days.

Staff will be issued with self-sterilising antimicrobial eco-friendly face masks designed to be worn comfortably for long periods and which reduce the risk of contact transmission. The fabric of the masks contains a unique invisible coating called DiOX 4 which is believed to kill COVID-19 and is supported by a study by the University of Cambridge which found that 95% of the viral pathogens introduced to the fabric surface of the mask were killed within one hour and almost 100% after four hours.

Of the bold initiative Stephen commented: "The introduction of this technology combined with the inspired office layout will allow my staff to work and move about the office freely and in a safe manner.

"Once the vaccine programme is fully deployed and medicines are improved, the threat from the virus will be hugely diminished, however many scientists believe that we could be living with COVID-19 for many years, hence the people responsible for offices, shops, pubs and restaurants, and indeed any public buildings, will need to carefully consider the risk of the coronavirus spreading on their premises.

"Whilst ZLX is set up to help businesses reclaim valuable sources of cash through successful research and development claims, this initiative - the establishment of a Covid-safe work environment, may provide a helpful example of how to safely reopen. We intend to offer the blueprint to our clients and customers."

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About ZLX - Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive designed to reward UK companies for investing in innovation. They are a valuable source of cash for businesses to invest in accelerating their R&D, hiring new staff and ultimately growing. ZLX specialise in providing experts in the fields of engineering and finance to collate information and data that generate high end qualification to HMRC for tax credits. ZLX has a 100% success rate for all different categories of clients. The company is currently based at Harbour Business Centre in Paisley, but will soon be moving to 4 The Piazza, 95 Morrison Street, Glasgow, G5 8BE.