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Smart Traffic System shortlisted for Safety Solution of the Year

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22 Feb 2021

London, UK

Smart Traffic System shortlisted for Safety Solution of the Year

An innovative system that aims to protect roadworkers, one of the riskiest occupations in the UK, has been shortlisted by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) for its Safety Solutions Award.

Over 6,500 recorded incidents of traffic incursions (vehicles entering roadworks) occurred on UK roads during the last three years, a rate of 175 per month, creating a high risk of injury and endangering the lives of thousands of roadworkers employed on highway construction projects. Last year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recorded 20 workers died from being struck by a moving vehicle.

VPS UK Highway Solutions have developed an integrated Traffic Incursions solution to warn construction workers of an approaching vehicle that has driven through into a coned-off area. It combines smart technologies, comprising bi-spectrum cameras and detection software analytics, with the facility to include medical alerts into a sounder, with text and email alerts sent with images to site staff.

Sounders, strobe lighting and alert systems will immediately be triggered when an incident or incursion occurs. CCTV is mounted on VPS Smart Towers to capture and record the incident in high definition and real-time. Handheld remote-control fobs are fitted with a button to disarm the system temporarily if a known works vehicle is entering the site. There is also a panic button to alarm the workforce of an incident.

"Working alongside high-speed traffic, construction workers on our highways are one of the highest risk occupations in the UK." Says Andy Leigh, Head of Technology Sales, Highways, at VPS. "Roadworkers  do not expect drivers to enter their work sites, so it is paramount they can work effectively, efficiently and safely. We are very proud that this safety solution system has been recognised by the BSIF and shortlisted for an important Safety Award."

A full year after the original intended date due to the pandemic, the BSIF will recognise some of the fantastic work that occurs within the safety industry, a commitment that was made to honour all the many entrants to the 2020 awards. The winners will be announced at the end of April at a digital online event.



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