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Road Transport is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the UK, contributing to poor air quality, noise disturbance, congestion and climate change and is a significant contributor to Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Both individuals and businesses can all take actions to reduce it, such as combining several shorter journeys or, by walking or cycling for those journeys. However, for logistics companies like Amco, cycling is obviously not an option! However, looking at their environmental impact from a technical perspective, is.


Amco Operations Director, Mark Jones says "As part of our 2021 logistics strategy, Amco are focused on reducing our own carbon footprint as we acknowledge the damaging effects it has on people, animals, local vegetation and the environment.  We also want to stay ahead of the curve in helping to meet the UK's 2050 emissions target."


In order to deliver a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective logistics solution for their clients and customers, Amco have upgraded their fleet with the addition of flexible solar mats, supplied and fitted by TRAILAR. TRAILAR was born from the idea to innovate and permanently evolve the Transport Industry by harnessing cutting edge solar technology to save fuel,CO2and maintenance costs.


The TRAILAR system captures solar energy via ultra-thin solar mats that are applied to the roof of the vehicle. These mats are connected to a Smart Charge Controller which regulates the energy transferred from the vehicle's alternator and the solar mats, to the battery. Sensors on the vehicle then monitor all the electrical characteristics and calculates the fuel andCO2savings whilst providing the additional benefits of real-time telematics on vehicle, solar performance and GPS.


This system enables Amco to see in a live time situation how much carbon is being saved through their fleet via a telemetry dashboard.


Mark Jones continues."Improving our environmental impact remains a key objective for us atAmco. With new modern technologiesandalternative solutionspavingthe way for future transport, it is important we adapt and invest in our operation's sustainability. From the utilisation of TRAILAR's solar technology & telematics, we can not only reduce our carbon footprint, but also strengthen our fleet's performance.


We approached TRAILAR as they are known globally for fitting solar mats to the roof of a range of commercial vehicles. They are known to save businesses fuel, CO2and maintenance costs as well as giving us the added benefit of extra data and telematics", he continued.


The Solar TRAILAR technology makes for a self-sufficient power supply possible everywhere; decentralized, pollutant-free and extremely cost-effective.


"Installation by TRAILAR was fast and simple, says Jones. The Amco fleet now boasts sleek, aerodynamic, shatterproof and durable solar panels which are constructed with Copper Indium Gallium Selenide meaning they perform to exceptionally high standards, even in shaded areas", he continued.


Housing its own Electrical Management System (EMS), Amco are now supplied with real-time data and GPS tracking information for all HGV vehicles within their fleet. "This GPS tracking allows the team to ensure all our HGV's are performing as efficiently as possible, reducing fuel costs and consumption", explains Jones.

A typical engine will convert only 25% of its energy as Kinetic Energy, running at optimal RPM and torque load. In practice, this efficiency is not achievable. 

For a rigid utilising the TRAILAR solar mat over the course of a year, typical fuel andCO2savings amount to up to 850 litres of fuel is possible, with up to 2.3 tonnes annual CO2saving and an average ROI of between 12 and 18 months.


Jones added. "The introduction of TRAILAR Solar Mats is yet further proof of our commitment to reducing ourCO2emissions and fuel consumption. As a forward-thinking, responsible supplier it's our duty to embrace technology and apply suitable innovations to help reduceour roadpollution andemissions and continue to provide customers with the very best in logistics services".


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CBW was established in 2010 as consultancy practice helping logistics businesses overcome challenges, implementing processes and assisting with complex issues on product sourcing and importing from non-EU countries. CBW has predominately been involved in the Automotive OEM and parts supply chain.


About Today's Amco

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Founded in 1983 as Amco Services (Motorsport), the business was originally focussed on providing specialist Logistics, Shipping and Freight Services to Formula 1 teams and the Motorsport Industry. Amco Services, its sister company, was formed to handle all other general freight and transport.


As the two companies grew, it became evident that there were increasing levels of ‘cross-over' between the two businesses and in order to streamline and further improve services to our customers, they consolidated to form AMCO Services (International) Ltd.


The formation of a group structure in 2019 positioned Amco Group as a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider with the ability to deliver services of a 4PL with extra added value services. Amco Group had taken the 3PL model a step further with the successful launch and integration of Amco Tooling and Amco Packaging divisions.


Today, Amco are based in aflagship logistics and warehouse centre. Amco Park is a 110,000 square feet general and customs bonded warehouse facility and logistics centre, built to a high specification on an impressive 10.7 acre site in Redditch close to exceptional travel networks for land, air and sea freight services.


Amco'shighly experienced team specialises in the supply of high-quality UK, European and International Warehousing and Logistics services to the automotive, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and waste industries. These industries demand extremely high levels of service; accuracy, precision and multimodal logistics services vital to their operations.


Amco has sophisticated and robust systems in order to satisfy customers demands and to deliver a full, integrated range of logistics services to the highest standards possible. They aim to provide reliable, fast logistics services with fixed costs achieved through the use of ISO standard work processes, investment in technology and the employment of reliable distribution and warehousing systems.


Bringing ongoing efficiencies into supply chains and offering fully integrated services will be key aims for Amco as it has been for CBW, as will the extension of their customer facing online systems, geo-fencing technology and detailed tracking systems, delivering even greater levels of information, control and efficiency to customers across the globe.


Amco has a clearly defined strategic plan for growth and diversification both organically and through acquisition going forward and the knowledge base that the new board and shareholders have will help to consolidate the current position and allow the business to further develop.