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Poet who wrote record-breaking love poem is awarded MBE for services to Cyber Se
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Cyber security technology and love poems may not usually go together but one writer, who wrote the world’s longest love poem, has been awarded an MBE, for his services to cyber security.


37-year-old Rajinder Tumber who is from Belvedere in Kent is cited for his work on cyber security around governance, risk, compliance a­­nd mergers and acquisitions. He has more than a decade experience working on high profile projects for The Cabinet Office, Home Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Heathrow Airport, TalkTalk, E.ON and more.


Most notably he devised a unique framework called CyberDD6® , which addresses the lack of cyber due diligence in the Mergers & Acquisitions process. The framework forms the basis of Rajinder’s book, Cyber Security in Mergers and Acquisitions, which is released in March 2021.


Rajinder is an active mentor of cyber security students and a board member at the University of Westminster. He is passionate about incorporating cyber security into the syllabus for MBA or MA students, in fitting with today’s digital age. Rajinder aims to make the incorporation of the framework add value to students’ skillsets in the lucrative area of Mergers & Acquisitions.


“It’s an absolute honour to be awarded an MBE from Her Majesty the Queen.” Rajinder said. “Today, we live in a mobile, connected world. The cyber threat landscape is increasing, so the need for cyber security is becoming greater. Being awarded the MBE indicates that cyber security is increasingly being recognised as an essential area, and I am proud to represent the industry.”

Rajinder holding up his poem


Rajinder’s talents are not confined to the tech world. He is also a prolific poet. In 2017, he broke a century-old world record, for writing the world’s longest love poem, “Divine Verse” which was 2,413 words and 244 lines! This received widespread coverage in the media. He’s also written books on philosophy and ancient history, and a sci-fi novel endorsed by former Disney writer Joie Albrecht. And, he was founder of The Voice, a series which formed part of Women's History Month to attract more women into the world of cyber security & artificial intelligence.


If that isn’t enough life experience, Rajinder also faced up to a near death experience in 2010 from Meningitis. As such he is now an advocate of awareness campaigns of this potentially fatal infection. He intends a portion of the proceeds of his next poem, Royal Britain, to go towards meningitis charities. The theme of the poem is what makes Britain great from the Royal family to castles, and cathedrals to countryside.


Rajinder said he is still in shock of his MBE Award: “I was at home, finishing my 2nd poem when I received an email, with the sender as the Cabinet Office, stating that the Prime Minister wants to submit my name to the Queen, for an MBE.  I thought it was a wind-up! Long story short, I phoned the Cabinet Office to double-check, and they said, ‘yes, the email is legitimate.’ Then I thought, ‘I’m being asked if I would like to receive an MBE? Of course I would!’


“I’m someone who has previously hit rock-bottom in life. Years ago, I was unemployed, and I’ve also nearly died in hospital from Meningitis. To go from there, to where I am today with an MBE from the Queen... The MBE serves as a symbol, that if you fight for your life, innovate and help others, your life will become more enlightened, and your efforts will be recognised and rewarded.”


Rajinder also received the British Community Honours Award for his contribution to the cyber security industry in 2018.  In 2017, he was awarded Security Consultant of the Year and he’s been published in publications such as Forbes, The Times, Huffington Post, SC Magazine, ISSA Journal and more. 



For more info, or to speak to Rajinder, please email him directly: (tel: 07429 113888). Or his PR: