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Reality TV star's new memoir: from lads' mags to Ex on the Beach & CBB via TOWIE

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Actress, model and reality TV regular, Jess Impiazzi, is due to release her memoir, Silver Linings, next week (26/11) despite the lockdown. Her story reveals the raw truth behind the sparkle and glamour of life on the big and small screens. And shows how Jess has overcome plenty of challenges with her signature positivity, including mental ill health, bereavement, caring for her parents, infidelity, divorce and more. 

“Jess’s life story shows that even through the best and worst of times, it’s possible to find the Silver Linings. Powerful, positive, real, this reads like Jess is talking directly at you.” – Pixie Lott
Please see the advance information media sheet below for more information about Jess' story and Silver Linings. We can send you a PDF copy today if you'd like to read it, as well as selected extracts on her Ex on the Beach seasons, Celebrity Big Brother experience, and how it all started with The Only Way Is Essex!

Here's an extract and we can provide more selected extracts for you upon request:
A few years later, I spoke out on the Victoria Derbyshire show about how I felt let down by the production company behind Ex on the Beach. It wasn’t made clear that I was talking specifically about the second time I went on the show. It was Season Five, the All Stars series. That time around I felt it was so cut-throat. I didn’t have a nice feeling about it from the minute I entered the villa. There was a huge amount of pressure to be more aggressive and angry and to just ‘get with’ boys as quick as possible to make better storylines. 
Because of this pressure, I simply couldn’t be myself and ended up with a really bad bout of anxiety I couldn’t shake off. This was especially true after one of the producers, during the first or second night, said, “Lots of shagging tonight please, girls.” 
That didn’t sit well with me at all. I know one of the other girls, a friend, ended up making a formal complaint about it. I asked to leave the villa early. I don’t think I was even in there a full week. People could tell that I wasn’t happy or enjoying myself and I knew it was best for me to leave. I was sad because my first experience of the show was great and I thought that was what I would be going back to. 
I’ll always hold Season Two of the show in high regard. Yes, I did have drunk sex on TV, hidden under my bedcovers, which Rogan and I have since worried for years and years about. But once you accept your mistakes, you can then take the lesson out of them, and I think that’s what being human is all about. 
I’m learning from my mistakes. I used to beat myself up about it for so long because I thought I had messed up any chance of a career after that. Truth be told, you can change things with hard work; not just in a chosen career path but also by working on yourself as a person. Mistakes don’t have to define you. 

Jess is available for media interviews that enable her to mention her new book.


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Silver Liningsby Jess Impiazzi 

When one door closes, and another plan is derailed, it's time to seek out the ‘Silver Linings' and step up to the challenge. Jess Impiazzi's journey of self-discovery, hard lessons, heart-breaking moments, self-care and openness to transformation make for a raw, authentic and inspiring story about how to follow dreams, overcome challenges and celebrate kindness in many forms.

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  • Behind the scenes of popular reality TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach.
  • Surviving and thriving through betrayal and divorce with England rugby international Denny Solomona.
  • Living through anxiety, depression and attempted suicide.
  • Pursuing a career in acting and the good, the bad and the ugly of life in the limelight.
  • Finding happiness working as an active ambassador for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.


Jess is now a regular on the small and big screens, but the journey to where she is now, at 30 years old, has been far from straightforward. Having been accepted into the Italia Conti drama school, Jess's acting dreams were derailed when, aged 17, her mum became blind and Jess stepped in as her primary carer. Jess now champions the rights of the visually impaired with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.


Jess writes movingly, openly and with humour about her time in front of the camera as a model and on popular television shows and films. We learn what it really takes to get through the myriad auditions and what actually happens behind the scenes of reality TV - and what happens to the stars once the show ends.


In Silver Linings, Jess opens up about how she faced major life challenges including supporting her alcoholic father, losing her 13-month-old nephew to meningitis while in her care, Jess's mum's sudden blindness, being betrayed by her ex-husband, and mental health issues including depression and anxiety.


About the Author

Jess Impiazzi, now living back in the UK after six months in LA, is a regular face on the small and big screens, having starred in The Only Way Is Essex (2012), MTV's Ex on the Beach (series 2 and series 5) and Celebrity Big Brother (2018) among many other shows. She's a model and an actress - her next film R.I.A. is out later this year - in which she stars as the lead female role alongside Dean Cain, Kimberly Wyatt and Luke Goss. Jess' movie debut was as Megan in gritty British crime drama Retribution (2016).



Title:Silver Linings

Author:Jess Impiazzi

Genre:Non-Fiction, Celebrity Memoir

Publisher:Hashtag Press

Publication date:November 26th2020

Availability:Hardback, eBook, International distribution



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