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Game changing new product for care home residents: video greeting card


Kate Johnson

Say It Video Ltd

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Video greeting cards bringing family to lonely care home residents

New tech product launch for sending messages to care home residents:

Easier to use than phone or Zoom

The most thoughtful and comforting gift for those most affected by Covid restrictions.

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   New tech has been developed during lockdown: video message gathering and re-formatting on easy to use platform SayIt is uploaded to physical simple to use video cards which are then posted out, perfect for the care home market.

    Over 400,000 UK care home residents are feeling lonely and isolated due to lack of family contact from Covid-19 restrictions.

    Care home resident relatives feel distressed and powerless to help their loved ones.

    Residents find it difficult and often unsettling to use live video calling platforms such as Zoom and Facetime and most don't have access to a device.

We've all been personally affected by Covid-19 in so many ways. Yet the devastating impact of Covid-19 in the care home sector has seen our elderly loved ones isolated from their families ­- their nearest and dearest - often their only connection to the outside world.

As we all know too well, while the rest of the population has grasped the power of Zoom to keep us connected globally and shaping a new way of daily social interaction, it's a very different story for residents in care homes.

For the majority of our aging population within care homes, technology is often a barrier and inaccessible because even navigating how to learn to use a mobile phone is a stretch too far. It's been heart-breaking for so many of us that we cannot make that vital interactive connection ourselves.

Now, there's a way to offer comfort, warmth, and to lift the spirits of our loved ones, through a simple video greeting card solution.

SayIt provides easy-to-use video greeting cards filled with messages of love, kindness, memories and stories from family and friends to bring joy to their day. The card features a bright, full colour screen with excellent sound quality which auto plays on opening the card. 2 hours of battery time which is rechargeable and up to 1 hour of recorded video.

An excellent part of the technology is that new video messages can be updated via a USB cable that comes with the card. 

Relatives use the SayIt platform ( to collaborate with family and friends to collect photos and videos to include in the card. Using their newly developed tech, SayIt then work their magic to reformat all the content onto the card and send to the creator or directly to the recipient.

Founder Kate Johnson says: "We've had a lot of great feedback from care home workers and relatives that welcome the video greeting card as an important and much needed product for residents."

Helen used SayIt for her mother-in-law's 90thbirthday:

"We used a SayIt video card to surprise my mother-in-law on her 90th birthday. She absolutely loved watching the videos! It really made her birthday extra special, seeing and listening to messages from friends and family around the country and abroad. She said it was better than having a party!

"She has watched them over and over. It is wonderful because we have never even been able to get her to use a mobile phone, but she is successfully using the video card.

I would definitely use SayIt again. The support team were extremely helpful answering any questions I had. I would recommend SayIt to anyone looking for an alternative way to celebrating an event or just to brighten up someone's day!"

Short Company Bio

SayIt was created as a direct result of the pandemic. Co-founders and husband and wife team, Kate and Lee Johnson had been running Smiley Booth, a successful franchise business in the events industry: providing photo booths at private and corporate events. When lockdown happened, all events were put on hold and the entrepreneurial couple used their knowledge of video tech to pivot by creating a new concept for the greetings card market. SayIt offers simple to use technology to enable people to say what they want to say: to share, to care, to encourage and support.  The video platform enables users to collect, record and present videos for special people and special occasions creating a priceless and timeless gift.



SayIt Video Card RRP: £40 + P&P


Hi-res images available on request


Notes to editors:

   Kate Johnson founded SayIt along with her husband Lee just a few months ago in response to her son's 7th birthday in lockdown. Disappointed he couldn't see anyone or go anywhere, Kate requested friends and family to send birthday messages by video. Although the result was fantastic and loved by her son, the process had been really difficult and time consuming. The idea to create a simple to use platform for people to create their own video gifts was born.

   Kate says: "SayIt is already so much more than a simple birthday gift. Our mission is to spread joy, love and kindness and encourage people to ‘say it out loud', tell people what they mean to them, tell them they are proud of them, tell them they love them. These video gifts will strengthen and deepen our connections with those that matter most - no matter where they are in the world."

   SayIt founders are sensitive to the needs for care home residents and are in no way offering the product as a replacement to contact visits which are vital for the health and wellbeing of everyone affected, but as a complementary form of technology that boosts happiness and as a way to make our loved ones smile.