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Lolly Foundation Offers Lifeline to Lost Generation

Lolly.Co has set up a foundation and is offering free training courses in digital transformation to the 'lost generation' of young people who are struggling to find employment because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Places are available now. He hopes it might throw a lifeline to local school leavers, graduates, or those who have found themselves out of work because of the coronavirus.


ACambridgeshirebusinessman is on a mission to support the 'lost generation' who have been severely impacted by COVID-19 and are experiencing panic and uncertainty over their employment prospects.

The coronavirus crisis has hit workers hard, with evidence indicating that the young have been most affected.

In fact, one-third of 18-24-year-old employees (excluding students) have lost jobs or been furloughed, compared to one-in six prime-age adults, while the under-25s now make up a third of new universal credit claims.

University graduates are facing a particularly tough time with falls of up to 60% of jobs being advertised on online recruitment sites.

Daniel Cooper (37)- the MD ofLolly.Cois a specialist in digital transformation. Believing passionately that businesses can make a difference whilst making a profit, he has set up theLolly Foundationto provide graduates and school leavers 18 or over with training courses in computer programming, software creation and app development, free of charge.

The Foundation offers the necessary training to turn young people into technology professionals by offering courses in a range of programming languages and other digital capabilities required for the field.

The three month courses each comprise 30 hours of online learning a week made up of tutorials and webinars with an online tutor conducting 2 hour lessons 5 times a week.

The Lolly Co Foundationdoesn't simply teach the fundamentals of coding, it also offers potential employment with the company at the end of the course or support finding a job in a specific field and will assist with interviewing and applications, and a wider range of guidance for navigating the complicated field.

Daniel Cooper said: "The Lolly Co Foundation is the stepping stone needed for school leavers and graduates to break into a future career in the technology industry.

"And those that are in lockdown can use their time to gain new skills to get ahead of the game, he advised."

With the coronavirus pandemic leaving the future of many young people uncertain the support of the Lolly Co Foundation has never been more vital.

"We believe in supporting those who don't have access to the privileges often needed to break into the technology world not only by training them but facilitating stable employment in a career they believe in. It is quite possible that some may even end up landing that dream job at Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft."

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