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Understanding Children & Teens: Practical guide for parents, teachers & coaches

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Please see information below about a new book we're representing from Free Association Books - Understanding Children & Teens: A practical guide for parents, teachers & coaches, out in November 2020. We have digital and paperback copies to send if you'd like to see one?

The Buckinghamshire author is NLP and EFT coach and expert, Judy Bartkowiak (NLP Family) who can be available for media interviews, comment, editorial commissions etc in October and November. As Judy says at the start of the book, which was written in 2020: "This is a really important time in history when you have the opportunity to make a huge difference in children's lives. Do it!"

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Understanding Children & Teens

A Practical Guide for Parents, Teachers & Coaches

By Judy Bartkowiak


"This is a really important time in history when you have the opportunity to make a huge difference in children's lives. Do it!"- Judy Bartkowiak


Written in 2020, for coaches and practitioners, parents, carers and teachers, this practical guide by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) expert Judy Bartkowiak, is bursting full of ideas.


Understanding Children & Teens includes practical suggestions, exercises and examples—such as art therapy, mindfulness and Clean Language—for those who want to understand their child/student/client and gain additional skills in these challenging times to get beyond the ‘why' question.

Connecting coaching techniques that are creative to a child's imagination, in a playful positive way, can yield great insight, as demonstrated by the work Bartkowiak does daily with children and teens in the UK. As the children work on an activity with her, their neural pathways reconfigure new possibilities. And, having done the work themselves, rather than being told what to do, they integrate the new learnings at a deeper level. NLP and EFT (also known as ‘tapping') can have a powerful and positive impact on children and teens managing challenging situations and/or feelings.



About the Author

Judy Bartkowiak is an International NLP and EFT Trainer for parents, teachers and existing Practitioners/Coaches/ Therapists. She shares her passion and skills in working with children and teens through training and has written myriad books on the subject.

A person smiling for the cameraDescription automatically generatedJudy owns and runs NLP & EFT Kids, which is a family coaching practice in Berkshire, England. Clients are typically children aged four to 18 years, their parents and sometimes the whole family.

Before embarking on her NLP and EFT training, Judy worked in children's market research, conducting qualitative research projects on baby products, children's TV programmes, toys and books. Her clients included LEGO, Mattel, Aardman Animations, Cow and Gate, Clarks and Hasbro. She worked on the development of Noddy, Peppa Pig, Basil Brush, Fireman Sam, Shaun the sheep and lots of other great shows.

Judy has long been fascinated by children's minds and how their thoughts and feelings influence behaviour. During her years in Market Research she developed ways of gaining insight through activities such as art and LEGO, games etc, rather than straight questioning, and parents frequently commented on how much their children enjoyed attending her focus groups. It felt like a natural transition into children's coaching and therapy. The gain for Judy was in knowing that this insight would make a difference to the child and the family rather than big companies.

Judy is married with four grown-up kids, five hens and a beautiful retriever called Zebedee in Buckinghamshire. She is a regular club tennis player, runs an off-road cycling group and loves to go out walking, dancing and chatting with friends.


Talking points

  • Creative & practical steps to avoid using the ‘why?' word.
  • Importance of art as a way to express feelings.
  • Escaping the Drama Triangle: empowering children to rescue themselves.
  • Tips to alleviate anxiety in children as a result of the pandemic: homeschooling, restrictions & lockdown.
  • What is EFT and NLP and how can it help children & teens in today's challenging world?



Title:Understanding Children & Teens

Author:Judy Bartkowiak

Genre:Therapy,Parenting, Education, Families, NLP,  EFT, Psychology, Children

Publisher:Free Association Books

Publication date:November 9 2020

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution


Price: £11.99

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