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Labcell Ltd introduces AquaLab Pre, a new mid-range water activity analyser


15 October 2020

Labcell Ltd introduces AquaLab Pre, a new mid-range water activity analyser- with live demonstration service! 


Labcell Ltd, the exclusive UK distributor for Meter Group, is introducing the AquaLab Pre water activity analyser, a mid-range instrument with an excellent price/performance ratio. This fast, accurate and affordable instrument creates new opportunities for food producers who need good quality measurements without the expense associated with high-end water activity analysers.

New for customers is a live-demonstration service so that potential users can see the product in practice while talking to the key technical team - securely and confidentially. By using a video conferencing facility and using samples of your products, Labcell is able to offer a bespoke evaluation of the AquaLab Pre.

The AquaLab Pre will be useful throughout the food industry supply chain for quality assurance analysis of ingredients and during production. Users can readily check that water activity is within permissible bounds, which is important for food safety, shelf life, taste, texture and production efficiency. Typical foods that can be tested using the AquaLab Pre include cheeses, confectionery, cooked and cured meats, salamis, sausages, pasta and sauces. As it is so easy to operate, clean and calibrate, the AquaLab Pre can be used by operatives with only minimal training.

In common with the higher-specification AquaLab Series 4TE, the AquaLab Pre uses chilled mirror dewpoint technology to make fast, accurate measurements. Readings can be obtained in five minutes or less and the accuracy is +/-0.01 awover the full measurement range of 0.05 to 1.00 aw. The sample temperature is maintained at 25oC, so users can be confident of achieving consistent results. Final values are indicated by an audible alert and measurements are shown on an integral two-line alphanumeric display.

Labcell Ltd is the sole UK distributor for the AquaLab Pre water activity analyser and has extensive experience supplying this instrument and its predecessors to blue-chip pharmaceutical companies. A data sheet can be downloaded directly from Labcell's website at, or contact the company to discuss specific applications or request an online demonstration by telephone on 01420 568150 or email



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