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National Poetry Day: Octogenarian in lockdown shares family poems from wartime

Press release - Wednesday 30thSeptember 2020 - National Poetry Day (1stOctober)

Poetry Runs Through The Veins...

National Poetry Day Celebrated by Octogenarian Poet & Author, Daughter of WW2 Poet John Pudney and Grandaughter of MP & Poet Sir Alan Herbert


London, United Kingdom, 30thSeptember 2020:Ahead of National Poetry Day (1stOctober 2020), 84-year-old Lotte Moore, has shared poems written by her father and grandfather through an online recording from her London home where she has been self-isolating since the start of the pandemic.


Writing, storytelling and poetry run through the veins of Lotte and her family. Her father, John Pudney, wrote the renowned WW2 poem ‘For Johnny', and Lotte also shares another of his poignant poems about the loss of friendship through War entitled ‘Missing'. Lotte also shares a poem by her grandfather, MP Sir Alan Herbert.


Link to Lotte's reading:


Lotte Moore lives in West London with her husband Chris. She has written and published more than 25 books including picture books, children's stories, adult fiction, short stories, poems and an autobiography.


Lotte Moore says:"I was in World War Two as an evacuee and these poems mean so much to me. It's the power of poetry. I felt I needed to share these poems by my father and grandfather for National Poetry Day. While my dad was flying and doing special reconnaissance over Germany he saw his friend's plane ahead of him catch fire and fall from the sky. It was so upsetting for him. My grandfather was also a great poet. I hope that people can enjoy these poems and others on National Poetry Day. My father wrote lots of poetry and I miss him greatly, I wish he could be here."


For Johnny by John Pudney (Lotte Moore's father)

Do not despair
For Johnny-head-in-air;
He sleeps as sound
As Johnny underground.

Fetch out no shroud
For Johnny-in-the-cloud;
And keep your tears
For him in after years.

Better by far
For Johnny-the-bright-star,
To keep your head,
And see his children fed.


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