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Sir David, We can do our bit for the planet using the 'Green Milkman'

Sir David Attenborough and leading experts issue stark warnings on climate change
We could feel helpless but new business has launched meaning Londoners can do their bit towards helping the planet
Move over recycling, there's a greener solution in town - meet charrli! 
Refillable glass-bottle delivery service is biking eco-brands to consumers, helping city dwellers to keep their homes, skin and the planet clean

Announcing a new online platform that connects conscious consumers with curated eco-brands

"The devastating UN report highlighting the deterioration of the natural world and the failure to act is a massive wake-up call that cannot be ignored. What's even more shocking is that in the UK the average person uses four times the resources as the average person in India which means we're contributing more to climate change than the developing world."
Chloe Cronyn, charrli Co-Founder

Watching BBC's Extinction, The Facts on Sunday night and hearing about the state of the planet and the bio diversity that is being obliterated by humankind, this week, we could watch the news reports and feel totally useless and helpless in the planet’s plight.

There is some small help at hand however and Londoners can certainly do their 'bit'.

Newly launched, London-based company,  charrli  is the 'green milkman' for British eco-brands delivering shampoos, conditioners, soap, skincare and cleaning products in refillable glass bottles to reduce waste.

charrli's mission is to make refills easy, convenient and the norm as a greener alternative to our current recycling system which is not working.

The eco market disrupter has curated natural based products from British and local artisan brands offering: shampoos, conditioners, body lotion, skincare and cleaning products as well as accessories like long-lasting sponges and cloths. Customers simply place their order online through the charrli platform All products can be purchased on a  subscription basisas well as a  one-offpurchase.

Everything is delivered via e-bikes in reusable tote bags and on your delivery day charrli will pick up the empty bottles to be cleaned and refilled to keep the packaging in circulation.



Facts on Plastic...

Did you know nationwide, each person consumes around 117 plastic bottles per year? Overall that's a staggering figure of 7.7 billion plastic bottles per year, according to Recycling bins and they say '55% of the plastic waste ends up in landfills or the ocean'.

The packaging industry is by far the biggest user of primary plastics, using approximately 40% of plastic produced each year. Not surprisingly packaging is also the most significant contributor to waste pollution.

charrli customers could save up to 40kg of household plastic waste every year from going to landfill. This not only reduces harm to ocean life, but it also reduces the harmful effects on humans, such as disrupting hormones, infertility, obesity, as well as hormone-related cancers.99% of plastics are made of fossil fuels, which have also been the largest contributor to CO2 emissions according to the WNO report over 2009-2018 decade.  Global fossil CO2 emissions were on average 34.7 GtC02 (billions of tonnes) per year, growing on average a rate of 0.9% per year to reach a record of 36.6 GtC02 in 2018.  According to the WEF (World Economic Forum) plastic takes up 8% of oil production demand to produce and manufacture, a figure expected to balloon by 20% by 2050.  Plastic contains BPA and phthalates that can leach into products.

Their goal is to accelerate the shift to a robust reuse system. They are tackling thepersonal care and home care market firstand believe implementing reusable bottles across multiple industries is the way forward. Reusing and washing bottles has a huge impact on CO2 reduction, reducing carbon by an estimated 50% vs. recycling according to



Customer Quotes:

"I've just received my order and wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! You've set up an amazing business and this planet needs more people like you both, so brave and kind. You have a client for life, that's for sure.Honestly, well done to you both!- Marta, Islington

"Loving the personal service, the luxe-looking bottles and the fab brands you are supplying to us. Refilling is the way forward so huge thank you to charrli!" - Shartyn, Stoke Newington

About the Founders



charrli was started by two London-based Canadians, from a finance and advertising background, who have a passion for saving our planet. They were so fed up with all the single-use plastic used around the home, they decided to do something about it! 

"The concept of charrli was born to break the mould of single-use. We didn't understand why we spend so much of our resources and energy to create something we throw away after one-use and billions more to ineffectively process our piles of waste. We wanted to find a solution within an eco-system that so happens to already exist. Turns out using materials like glass was the done thing pre-1960s and is still used in parts of the world, like Germany. It's quite simple to reuse packaging such as glass and much better for the environment on pretty much all metrics. It can be hygienically cleaned, is durable, used upwards of 50x and is 100% recyclable."
Monica Grundy, Co-Founder

charrli is delivering to a select few boroughs around London and will be expanding its catchment zone over the next year in hopes to strengthen and empower our communities to go zero waste.


Editor Notes

Packaging waste facts and figures

It's estimated that every household in the U.K, we consume 200kg of packaging waste (cardboard, plastic).

Plastic is a lightweight material. Here in the U.K, that accounts on average 40kg of total plastic waste, per household, every year. Equivalent to approximately 12 pieces of plastic waste, per day.

Consider Amazon deliveries, and the amount of cardboard and plastic waste used. charrli only deliver products in a tote bag with refillable bottles without using any of this excess packaging waste.  

For more information please contact:

Chloe Cronyn and Monica Grundy, charrli Co-Founders

Tel: 07307 191933