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EnviroBuild launches second-generation non-combustible decking system 150 Aqua-C
 EnviroBuild launches second-generation non-combustible decking system 150 Aqua-Channel

EnviroBuild is preparing for the launch of their exciting product, 150 Aqua-Channel, which is set to revolutionise the decking industry.

150 Aqua-Channel is set to join EnviroBuild's new product line and has been tested to EN13501-1 standards, A2 s1 d0 and A2fl - s1 certification, giving those working within construction or at a builder's merchants the complete peace of mind that 150 Aqua-Channel is a safe and dependable product. As 150 Aqua-Channel is completely compliant with UK fire legislation, it can be used as a non-combustible solution for a range of projects.


·         Board profile: 150 x 21mm

·         Board length: 3.6m

·         Available Colours: Grey Brown (RAL 8019), Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)

·         Bespoke colours and lengths available

·         Prices start at £ £80.68/m²

·         The name of the system is based on the board width (150mm) and its built-in drainage channels

After the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, it became evident that cladding and decking required greater regulation and there was a market demand for non-combustible building materials.

EnviroBuild acted quickly to the changes in fire legislation and created a new line of innovative products that would lead the way for a new generation of safer, non-combustible balcony and terrace constructions.

Aside from its non-combustible properties, 150 Aqua-Channel is packed with other innovative features. The 150 Aqua-Channel decking system is composed of several parts which can be installed alongside built-in drainage for effortless upkeep. The system is designed to ensure all pieces fit together securely without the need for additional clips, making installation simple and straightforward.

Installation is further simplified by 150 Aqua-Channel as the boards have been designed in an asymmetrical shape which allows ripping the boards to be an effortless and straightforward experience. Within a 150 Aqua-Channel system, a maximum of one board will ever need to be ripped.

 150 Aqua-Channel is a modern take on decking boards and is fitted with a flush insert that provides a smooth and continuous look when installed, creating an incredibly modern aesthetic. If a continuous look is not desired, a gap insert can be used to create a more traditional look of gapped individual boards. This ensures 150 Aqua-Channel caters to all preferences and can be used to create versatile designs.

On the upcoming launch of 150 Aqua-Channel, Dr Aidan Bell, Co-Founder of EnviroBuild, said: "We have recently released a wave of new products at EnviroBuild and couldn't be more delighted with the reception we have had from our customers so far. We are excited to complete the launch of our highly-anticipated decking system, 150 Aqua-Channel and are looking forward to continuing to provide our loyal clients with the best non-combustible balcony and terrace systems."

150 Aqua-Channel decking systems are complete with a powder coating which not only enhances the modern appearance of the decking but ensures the product is optimised for outdoor conditions by delivering a high level of non-slip resistance.

As part of the Hyperion aluminium range, 150 Aqua-Channel decking is Qualicoat certified. Qualicoat is the industry leading quality label scheme valid worldwide, whereby the manufacturing process has to meet particular standards which are inspected and tested by laboratories accredited to ISO 17025. At 70 microns, the coating on these boards is actually thicker than the Qualicoat Accreditation standard, ensuring the high level of durability and slip resistance required for long term outdoor use.

To learn more about 150 Aqua-Channel, contact EnviroBuild. 


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 Editors Notes

EnviroBuild - Quality sustainable building materials without compromise

EnviroBuild is the UK’s leading builders' merchant for sustainable building materials. They apply the latest technological innovations to provide highly engineered and lasting solutions over traditional construction material. They make the ethical choice easy by providing the perfect combination of quality & sustainability.

With over 60 years of experience in the construction industry, EnviroBuild, are leaders in their field. They are passionate about providing customers with the highest-quality products without the significant environmental impact of traditional materials.

Providing a quality experience for customers is at the core of their values. Their highly trained expert team are at hand to help customers at every stage of their project, from take-off to completion.

With an ever-growing range of innovative materials and an expert team at available, EnviroBuild’s products are now distributed across thousands of homes in the UK and they are increasingly becoming the first choice for contractors, architects, landscapers and construction firms

EnviroBuild’s mission is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry by providing high quality products that are consistently the better environmental choice over current traditional products on the market.

For every product EnviroBuild sells, a pragmatic approach is taken to manufacture a commercially viable product with significant environmental benefits; whether using high levels of recycled material, renewable energy in production or intelligent design to reduce input material in finished goods without compromising a long operational life.

EnviroBuild also dedicates 10% of profits to sustainable causes, which is unmatched in the industry. From the beginning they have been supporting Rainforest Trust in their mission to protect endangered rainforests and species. To date EnviroBuild have helped protect over 200,000 acres of primary habitat.

EnviroBuild are true industry leaders in progressing the sustainability and environmental impact within the construction industry.

Products include:

Outdoor & garden


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Dr Aidan Bell, Founder, EnviroBuild

Dr Aidan Bell studied BSc Chemistry at the University of Nottingham followed by a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Manchester

He concluded his impressive series of academics in Germany at Universität Bielefeldin with postdoctoral research in Chemistry before becoming an Analyst at Deloitte, where he continued to expand his expansive knowledge base

Seeing anthropogenic climate change as a significant and genuine threat to people’s ways of life, Aidan strived to align his everyday work with the mitigation of environmental impact.

In 2009, he jointly founded and owned EvoEnergy; a Solar PV construction company which grew rapidly to £25m turnover in just its third year of trading, under his leadership.

Aidan successful exited the company with a trade sale in 2013 after the government cut support for the solar industry.

After a variety of advisory roles to sustainable start-ups, Aidan co-founded EnviroBuild in 2015 when James Brueton approached him with the idea to develop an innovative company orientated around greening products and behaviours within the construction industry.

In collaboration, James and Aidan sought to uncover a mission to source and distribute building materials that offer sustainability alongside cost-effectivity and quality.

EnviroBuild aims to make the sustainable choice the easy choice, experiencing great success and growth since its creation.

James Brueton, Founder, EnviroBuild

After graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in Business Management, James Brueton started his career as a business consultant at Deloitte working across a wide range of industries.

James subsequently moved into commodities trading at a London based trading house and went on to co-found Iken Capital, a dedicated Commodities fund, in early 2012.

After being taken over by a larger firm and having undertaken several property development projects, James sought to renovate builds with sustainable materials, and soon discovered an opportunity when he failed to find a green business within the sector with effective customer service.

He consequently co-founded EnviroBuild in 2015; an innovative distributor of landscaping materials engineered from high levels of recycled materials, orientated around sustainable construction and efficient customer service.

Through increasing the value of recycled materials, EnviroBuild are leading the way for ethical products within the construction sector, driving a green shift in societal behaviour and raising awareness around the detrimental carbon impact of building.

EnviroBuild is a modern commerce company, thriving within digital realms and growing year on year.   

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