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Pyroban launches Blue EX Spot for ATEX forklift trucks
SHOREHAM, UK | July 2020

Pyroban launches Blue EX Spot for ATEX forklift trucks

Pyroban has launched Blue EX Spot™, a driving path warning system for ATEX compliant lift trucks operating in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas. One light covers all Zones.

“Blue EX Spot is an off-the-shelf explosion proof blue spot light that can be fitted to any existing Pyroban equipment already working in the field,” says Darren Boiling, Materials Handling Sales Manager for Pyroban. “It increases safety where visibility is poor, such as in warehouse aisles or at crossings where IBCs and drums containing flammable material are handled.”

With ATEX* EX II 2GD certification and a smaller size than any previous solution, it is suitable for production applications or storage facilities handling chemicals, solvents, waste, paints, whisky, foodstuffs, and more.

“Spillage or accidental release of flammable material may create an explosive atmosphere with the perfect stoichiometric mix,” says Darren. “Blue EX Spot™ can help minimise some risks, particularly where pedestrians are working in close proximity to trucks handling flammable materials, or where multiple trucks are operating.”

Readily available for installation on any equipment in the field made by Pyroban or other EX manufacturer, or it can be factory fitted on all new orders. The compact Blue EX Spot™ is easily fitted by competent EX trained engineers and measures just 97.5mm by H 64.2mm by D75mm. It is IP6X, made from diecast aluminium and can be connected to a 12-48V DC source in ambient temperatures from -20 to +40degC. 

Blue EX Spot™ can be ordered by calling +44 1273 456825 or emailing

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*ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU covers equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Pyroban Ltd provides explosion protection safety solutions for industry world-wide.  The Pyroban project begin in 1969 and the company was founded in 1972 with manufacturing facilities in the UK and regional sales and service centres.

Pyroban offers explosion protection conversions for materials handling equipment, as well as explosion protected diesel engine packages and kits for well service applications. The company also offers a range of explosion protected components, Ex-solutions and support services for all its products.