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New book helps sufferers of Osteoarthritis





Martial Arts Expert with Severe Osteoarthritis puts illness in remission with Innovative Exercise and Diet Programme described in New Book just released

A martial arts professional, Kire Antoski was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis (OA) nine years ago and thought his career and mobility was over. The black belt Master was not used to defeat and began a process of extensive research and experimentation with different diets and exercise plans to see how he could put the disease into remission and also help others prevent it happening to them.

The result is a detailed book, Living Pain-free with Osteoarthritis, describing a specific exercise programme and anti-inflammatory diet which Kire has followed with the result that he is now pain-free in his hips, allowing him to still teach and demonstrate martial arts and fitness at his Academy.

Antoski's Sport and Exercise Medicine doctor, Dr Harriet F Collins says, "Kire has managed to keep the range of movement and symptoms in his hips well controlled with his stretching routine, exercises and anti-inflammatory diet. His x-rays remain unchanged a further 18 months on, a testament to excellent self-management."

Antoski recommends the full exercise programme should be done regularly two to three times per week with a minimum of 48 hours rest between sessions.

Founder of Yeovil-based Panthers Martial Arts Academy, Kire Antoski explains what drove him to keep persevering with diet and exercise until he found the perfect combination to stop the progress of osteoarthritis. "I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in 2011 and suffered for a few years with both pain and uncertainty - would I need a hip replacement operation? Would I need to change my lifestyle and give up my martial arts career?

"I spent much time exploring this disease and experimenting with different exercises and diet plans. Finally, I hit upon the right combination and I now have the confidence and knowledge to write this book, in the hope of either helping people to prevent OA from developing or, for those who have already developed OA, to help them put it in remission and live a relatively pain-free, fit life.

"Like myself, there are many athletes who enjoy a life of fitness, having trained from a young age in the belief that keeping fit was enough to prevent most health problems, especially joint problems, from occurring. However, they are not necessarily preventing the joints from developing this painful condition."

The exact cause of osteoarthritis isn't known. Most commonly called degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common chronic condition of the joints. In the UK, more than nine million people have osteoarthritis and in England and Wales, there are approximately 160,000 hip and knee replacement procedures performed each year. ( )

It is a condition that causes joints to become painful and stiff and it can affect any joint of the fingers, toes, knees, hips, lower back, neck and shoulders.

Antoski says he has written this book with the intention of helping fellow martial arts practitioners and fitness industry professionals like himself, as well as runners, walkers, body builders, dancers and gymnasts. The exercises will also benefit people who perform heavy lifting in their work environment and others that suffer from wear and tear of their hip joints, and of course other joints too.

The book is available to order from at £9.99 (plus p&p).

For more information contact Kire Antoski T/: 01935 426 753 (evenings); M/: 07811 283 482 (anytime) or E/ 

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About the author

Kire Antoski was born in 1963 in Prilep, Northern Macedonia and grew up in a working-class family of four with his parents and younger sister. Having suffered bullying from local boys, he took up martial arts at the age of 13 when he joined a local Karate club. During his college years he was active in other sports, playing handball for the college team as well as playing basketball for the local club. After finishing college, Kire was recruited into the former Yugoslavian armed forces, undertaking 15 months' National Service in Croatia. In 1983, having completed his National Service, he returned to Prilep and rejoined his former karate club, as well as joining the ju jutsu club. In 1985 Kire added kickboxing to his training. He was selected to join his karate club's semi-professional competition team, with whom he competed until he emigrated to Great Britain with his young family in June 1990.

Needing to provide for his family, he worked long hours in several different jobs whilst also studying English at Hammersmith College. In spring 1991, the screen-printing business in which he was employed was moved to Sherborne, Dorset and Kire was offered a managerial position if he was prepared to move his family to the south-west of England, an opportunity he was happy to take. He continued working as a screen printer and also took up a position as nightclub security in a Yeovil club.

Kire never lost his love for martial arts and trained by himself until January 1994, when he decided to start and open his own martial arts club "Panthers" in the aerobic studio of the local gym, running a few evening classes weekly. In 1998 he founded his full time martial arts school, "Panthers Martial Arts Academy" which is based in Yeovil, Somerset. He works there still as a full-time as a martial arts and fitness instructor.

Kire has grown Panthers Martial Arts Academy to be one of the largest and most successful martial arts schools in Somerset with over 190 students, of which 15 hold World titles, nine hold European titles and 40 hold British titles. In year 2018 Kire was nominated for Somerset "coach of the year".


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