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Sylvia Cohen Signs to Just Associates - Press Release


           Press Release                              
                     LONDON 03.07.20

As more professionals are working from home and will continue to do so, specialist communications coach Sylvia Cohen shows how to shine on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and the other video channels


Sylvia Cohen is one the UK’s leading communications coaches specialising in voice, body and language training. Sylvia coaches celebrities, media professionals, business leaders, and all who want to increase their effectiveness in meetings, media events, public speaking and online communications.

Sylvia’s Story

For a 20 second video introduction to Sylvia Cohen, please click on the link


Sylvia trained as an actor, where she learned about voice and impact from Patsy Rosenberg and Jeanette Nielson the former and current Head of Voice at The National Theatre. It was clear to Sylvia that the skills that she learned as an actor to engage her audience are just as important in everyday and business communication. Sylvia then changed her career and has become a very successful celebrity communications coach.

Nobody is finding it easy’

Now as the whole world goes online and more professionals are working from home, Sylvia Cohen shows you how to shine on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and the other video channels, creating impact. Why is it all so different from real life meetings? Is it possible to do this better?

Previously people would stand at the front of a room or sit with people around a table.  Now, communicating, speaking and meeting online, you miss all those little clues that you have spent years looking for and working with.  You do not get the same feedback online.  Sometimes  you  do not get any feedback at all. It is like an actor performing in an empty theatre. So how can we do this better? 

‘Work and business are now online and it is not going back’

If your business and career success depend on meeting and influencing other people, your future promotion  and income now depends on the impact you have through these video screens online.

And if you are in a senior position, being only OK at this is simply not  good enough. You have to be the best. Business is now online and it is not going back.  


‘Learning to create the right impact through a phone or computer screen

is a new core skill that we all must learn’ Sylvia Cohen


Online impact is now a skill for everyone and especially for people in business, lawyers, politicians, knowledge workers and media professionals.  And particularly so for senior professionals whose reputation is built on their credibility as experts and trusted advisors.  Are you going to just survive in this new world, or thrive?  That all depends on whether you learn the new rules and the new skills.  Those who learn to be good at this will have an incredible advantage.

A gift to help you

flourish during these challenging times

Sylvia Cohen has made three new online training  videos, to show you how small changes can make such a huge difference to your online communications. Sylvia is offering a complimentary gift, value £500, to help you flourish during these challenging times.

Free Zoom Training Videos from Sylvia Cohen

To access these three-part training videos on how to get fantastic results

on video calls.

Just click on the link to access your Sylvia Cohen free videos


The three Sylvia Cohen videos are:

1.     Setting Up Your Call for Maximum Impact

2.     Speaking with Confidence and Presence

                        3.     How to Use Your Voice to Create Rapport and Benevolent Outcomes

If you would like to speak with Sylvia Cohen and arrange a complimentary phone consultation, please email or call Sylvia on:

Office: 020 7693 6437   Phone: 07814929420




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