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Neuroscientist talks to comics about boredom




FOR RELEASE 29thJune 2020

Neuroscientist talks to comics about boredom

Canadian neuroscientist, James Danckert gave a podcast interview on the subject of boredom with UK comics last week.

Leaf and Elfie, hosts of Curious Talks interviewed the cognitive neuroscientist upon the launch of his new book ‘Out of My Skull: The Psychology of Boredom' which launched 26th June in the UK.

James is a professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Waterloo and specialises in the study of boredom. Under lockdown, many of us will have experienced the frustrations of boredom and not realised the potential implications.

James studies both the positive and negative impacts of boredom and says:

"Nobody likes being bored, and it's not always a topic that is taken seriously. Although there are undoubtedly negative implications for being bored, it's also a motivational state. It's a push - a call to act. When you are constantly busy, you never really get time to pause and think about what matters in your life. Boredom can give you that opportunity"

The podcast explores the effect of boredom on different life stages; from infants through to developing teenagers and in later life as we age and often experience greater loneliness. James describes his research, boredom simulation experiments and answers the burning question "Can you actually die of boredom?"

Elfie said:

"Boredom is certainly something I've experienced during lockdown with fewer social engagements and many favourite distractions closed. Although boredom is a frustrating feeling, James' explanation of how it can force self-reflection and drive change is inspiring. Maybe we all need more boredom in our lives!"

James's book is available in the UK from 26th June. Also available on Kindle and as an Audiobook.

His podcast interview with the duo is available from Monday 29th June to download on iTunes, Spotify and via Leaf and Elfie's website.


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