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Sylvia Cohen Signs to Just Associates


Press Release
LONDON 12.06.20



Sylvia Cohen is one the UK's most successful Communications Coaches, specialising in Voice, Body and Language training signs to Just Associates for public relations, reputation and marketing consultancy

Sylvia has trained celebrities and many leading figures in business and multi-award-winning creatives in music and fashion to increase their impact in meetings, public speaking and media events.  

Sylvia's Story
Video introduction 

‘I started as an actor. I learned about voice and impact fromPatsy RosenbergandJeanette Nielson" (former and current Head of Voice atThe National Theatre). "Later, it became clear to me that the tools that performers use to engage their audience are just as important in business, and that's why I started my coaching.  My business online is an entirely new game, there are new rules, new skills to be learned and I enjoy sharing these new methods to communicate more effectively'

Julius Just, Chairman, Just Associates

‘We look forward to representing Sylvia Cohen, who is one of the most talented people that we have worked with. Her skills are extraordinary in improving people's ability to relax and communicate at the same time.'

For further information please contact
Sylvia Cohen 
Sylvia Cohen Communication Ltd. 

Office: 020 7693 6437 Phone: 0781 4929 420

  Media enquiries please contact
Julius Just 
Tel: + 44 (0) 796 688 2510  
Polina Simakova 
Tel: + 44 (0) 785 241 2776 

55 Princess Gardens Exhibition Road London SW7 2PN