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Yorkshire whisky distillery invited onto virtual English whisky panels

Yorkshire whisky distillery invited onto virtual English whisky panels


Representatives from North Yorkshire based Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery have been invited to contribute to panels and virtual tasting events celebrating the burgeoning English whisky market recently.


On St. George's Day, Spirit of Yorkshire was one of only six English whisky distilleries to be invited to participate in the English Whisky Society's first online tasting event. Of the sell-out event, the society's founder, Richard Foster said: "English whisky may be the younger sibling of Scotch and Irish, but it's the little sister who runs faster, climbs higher and makes a name for herself through sheer perseverance and graft. 


"The liquids emerging from both established and new players across the country are phenomenally exciting, and though still youthful, are receiving well deserved plaudits from critics across the Whisky World. 


"We're excited at what additional age and further experimentation will deliver from distilleries that aren't just making names for themselves but putting the whole English Whisky scene firmly on the map."


Earlier on St. George's Day,representatives from distilleries around England, of which there are 24had a virtual round table discussion about the future of English whisky.


These events were followed by The Whisky Lounge's sell-out event on 8thMay, when Spirit of Yorkshire's Whisky Director, Joe Clark was one of five English whisky distillery representatives to take part in a virtual tasting event with Filey Bay Moscatel Finish.


The team at Spirit of Yorkshire are also celebrating after securing listings in 28 Booths stores and other specialist retailers for their latest bottling, Filey Bay Moscatel Finish. 


The launch was announced at Booths' first ever virtualtaste and talk that was hosted by Spirit of Yorkshire's Co-Founder and MD, David Thompson, broadcasting live from the distillery.


Of the listing, Mr. Thompson said: "Booths have been hugely supportive of the work that we're doing here and were the first to list Filey Bay First Release back in October 2019, so it seems fitting that they are the first to list Filey Bay Moscatel Finish.


"Ordinarily, we would support the launch with in store tastings, but with the current restrictions on social distancing, Booths had the idea to do a virtual tasting and talk and it was very popular."


Filey Bay Moscatel Finish, 46% ABV, is described by Whisky Director, Joe Clark as being ‘soft, spicy and warming with notes of honeycomb, orange marmalade, dried fruits and cocoa.' Limited to 6,000 bottles, it costs £60 and is also available online at


Spirit of Yorkshire was launched in 2016 and is a collaboration between farmer and brewer, Tom Mellor from Wold Top Brewery and business partner, David Thompson.




Photograph caption: Co-founder David Thompson with Filey Bay Moscatel Finish David Thompson from Spirit of Yorkshire


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Moscatel is not as well-known as other sherries/fortified wines like PX, Oloroso, Fino etc.
Moscatel wine is produced from the grape of the same name in either fresh form or sun-dried form until it develops an intense raisining of the fruit. In the latter case pressing produces an extraordinary concentration of sugars and a certain level of coloration. Now with musts made from fresh or sunned grapes, the fermentation is stopped with the addition of wine alcohol. For more information, please visit