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New manager takes the helm at go-ahead Staffordshire business


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Ref: PRHP210                                                          Date: 21st May 2020

New manager takes the helm at go-ahead

Staffordshire business


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Shrugging off the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, a go-ahead Staffordshire company is looking to the future by making a key senior management appointment.


Hoppecke Industrial Batteries, which is headquartered in Newcastle-under-Lyne, has promoted Stuart Browne to General Manager.


Stuart joined Hoppecke in 2015 as Service Director. In January 2019 he was promoted to Operations Director-Sales and Service, as the business took the strategic decision to enhance customer support by forging closer links between its sales and service divisions.


Now, Stuart is taking on the responsibility of running the business. It's a significant challenge at a time when the ability to deliver innovative and flexible solutions to meet changing customer needs - and motivate staff - is more important than ever.


Says Stuart: "Over the past couple of years we've revamped our offering and put customers at the heart of our business. It's been a resounding success.


"During the coronavirus outbreak we've been able to maintain production levels and I'm really encouraged by the growing level of demand we're now seeing for our services. This is an excellent career opportunity and I'm excited about working with our dedicated team to build on recent achievements and drive the business forward."


During lockdown Hoppecke has retained all 50 of its staff, furloughing just a few of its engineering team, in small groups, to maintain UK-wide support. Around 20 of the company's workforce live in the Stoke/Newcastle area and all those in administrative and support roles are working from home. Meanwhile, it's business as usual for the workshop-based operatives. They are using appropriate protective equipment, including masks supplied by Hoppecke's German parent company, and adhering to social distancing rules whilst working in the assembly facilities and warehouse.


Hoppecke UK doubled its service business in three years thanks to organic growth with its existing customer base and the introduction of innovative new services. The company is continuing to develop its credentials in the rail sector. At the same time, it is capitalising on its investment in industrial battery technology to support busy logistics operations, including engineering, manufacturing, warehousing and construction businesses.


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Caption: Hoppecke Industrial Batteries in Newcastle-under-Lyne has promoted Stuart Browne to General Manager.


Editor's notes

Hoppecke Industrial Batteries is the leading specialist for industrial battery systems and at the same time the largest battery manufacturer in European ownership. Hoppecke offers to its customers around the world concepts for efficient and reliable power supply for every industrial application. A leading exponent of environmental care for more than 90 years, Hoppecke offers solutions for a variety of industries including motive power, reserve power for IT/telecoms, power stations, solar energy and UPS, special power for rail and underground. Hoppecke's UK operation is based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme in the Midlands and the parent company has customers and business partners in many countries around the world, including Europe, the USA and China.


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