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The most important kitchen design trends for 2020 are simply a state of mind



The most important kitchen design trends for 2020 are simply a state of mind

A global pandemic may be an unlikely kick-starter for an interior revamp, but after weeks indoors and no expensive holiday on the horizon, a fresh start could be on the cards for many of us. And whilst we may be delighted when stay at home becomes a choice rather than a necessity, our experience of downtime, whether together or alone, is something we are unlikely to want to give up completely. According to the design experts at InHouse, this extraordinary period is likely to kick start a desire to redesign our interiors and right now, our design preference could have more to do with our personality than our style.

"The choices we make in kitchen style comes down to so much more than merely following fashion, and whilst it's not something that we pay much attention to in normal times, we're likely to be making more considered choices than ever before", says Wayne Dance, MD at InHouse. "The kitchen is at the heart of the home, it's where we feel safe. This feeling of safety, of being in control, is what we seek to create in our homes and never more so, than right now. Kitchen design echoes what's going on in society and in our lives, and our style choices are likely to reflect an emotional response. We all respond to stress in different ways and this period of staying at home, has seen us all think and react differently. It may be complex psychology but it's a really simple principle. Whilst it's a little too early to see the design innovation that is sure to follow, we'll broadly lean towards one of two design camps: contemporary or traditional and it's pretty clear to see both have equal merit. The rest is detail, the little things that make up the bigger picture. There is no truth in the expression ‘You don't know what you need until you see it - you have to notice that need first. Creating the perfect kitchen isn't about ideas, it's all about solutions. And right now, problems are going to be up-close and personal, presenting the perfect opportunity to redesign a space that propels us into a confident new future."


When contentment is contemporary kitchen design

Whilst social distancing and staying home presents the perfect opportunity to iron out current niggles, this unprecedented period could see many of us looking for a completely fresh start and this could mean a switch from classical to ultra-contemporary. These kitchens take clutter free-living to a new level - with beautiful clean lines and cubist designs creating calm and consistency in the home. And let's not forget handleless fronts that can be opened and closed with a mere nudge of the knee. 

Make a strong statement for the future with ultra hard ceramic fronts in concrete grey, and linear design with cabinetry colours to highlight gaps. Part of the next125 collection, the NX950 makes a strong statement for forward thinking home owner.

Without visual clutter, peace descends and it is this feeling that could be the calling for many of us. Let's not forget that the most contemporary designs have their roots firmly in the Bauhaus ethos, with modernist design that stemmed from some of the darkest periods in European social history. These contemporary designs make a strong statement for anyone that wants to look to the future.

Look back and hanker - traditional style kitchens designed for the future

Styles and trends come and go, but there is something about heart-warming classical designs that keep us hooked. In times of uncertainty, we always reach out for that ‘oh, so heart-warming, feel-good factor' that comes from past times and never have we needed that more, than right now. These period looks remind us of old-fashioned values, when families looked after each other and communities appeared more united. These kitchens represent traditional, classical design, with detailing that creates balance and harmony. Shaker style fronts and period style designs are ideal for injecting a sense of light and space that creates an instant feeling of calm.













Combining the feel-good factor of the traditional kitchen with the benefits of modernity.  The Classic range, from the 2020 schüller.C collection. Creating designs that embrace the beauty of the past and harness the potential of the future. 

Whilst we love the look of period design, we are not tradition slaves and we certainly don't want old fashioned functionality. What we really want is a traditional feel, with bang up to date functionality, high tech, low maintenance finishes, and a multitude of creative storage solutions. The Coronavirus pandemic may well have made us feel vulnerable, but the modern, traditional style kitchen will be exactly what some of us need in order to inject that much needed feeling of emotional security.

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The contemporary next125 collection unites seven design principles: to be precise, elegant, creative, minimal, functional, emotional, and technological. Combined with rich tones to add warmth and individuality, the NX500 injects positivity into the modern home.


The next125 and the schüller.C collection are available through a network of independent network of retailers. For details please contact InHouse Inspired Room Design 01661 842304.


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