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Keeping your black sink clean - simple with BLANCO's SILGRANIT®



18 May2020

Keeping your black sink clean - simple with BLANCO's SILGRANIT®  


Black is the new chic in kitchens and bathrooms; be it furniture, sinks, taps or surfaces. But how do you keep it looking pristine? That is the question!BLANCO, the leader in beautiful kitchen sinks and taps, has developed a material which answers the challenge.

TheSILGRANIT®range from BLANCO has exceptional appeal because you can keep the granite surface of these sinks clean without hours of scrubbing with harmful cleaning products. BLANCO understands that a little mess is unavoidable in the kitchen but that you want to remember the delicious taste of the meal you have enjoyed for far longer than the stain it leaves behind.

WithSILGRANIT®,often just running the tap will be enough to see the evidence disappear down the plughole. For anything more stubborn and marks that have already dried, all it takes is a sponge, washing up liquid and a minute of your time, even on a black surface! To get your sink looking as fresh as the day it was installed, take a soft sponge and lightly wipe the stains away.  

Not only will your blackSILGRANIT®sink clean up with ease, the unique properties of this sink material will prevent damage and staining from occurring in the first place.SILGRANIT®is acid scratch and heat resistant for beauty and quality that lasts. 

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