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The Lockdown Life Project – How Do Our Young People Feel in Lockdown?

How are the young people in your world coping with lockdown and being isolated?

Imagine being denied the chance to take your exams, attend your graduation, finish school or just hang out with your friends? 


Our young people are going through lockdown and we want to know how it feels for them.


We are looking for 100 young people aged 10-18 to submit a piece of creativity that we can share as part of the ‘Lockdown Life’ project. #lockdownlifeproject


This is about young people sharing the reality of lockdown, and helping other young people in the process.


If you know a young person between 10 and 18, tell them about the ‘Lockdown Life’ project. We want to hear their voice during this pandemic.


We will also be making a donation of £1 for each entry we receive to Childline, who are currently supporting young people through the pandemic.