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Interview Pitch: Expert calls time on myths & misinformation during pandemic

We are working with digital health expert and author of 'Is It Serious? How to search for health information on the Internet', Burton Paul and wondered if you'd be interested in interviewing him about myths, misinformation, rumours and fake news spreading during the pandemic? He can provide a really refreshingly unbiased, honest, open perspective on how social media can be both amazing (Zoom calls, keeping remote working going, connecting families) but also quite shockingly awful (spread of misinformation, fake news, myths and rumours).
He lives in Hay-On-Wye in Wales and is available for interviews, media comment and editorial commissions.  

Please see more information below about Burton Paul and what he could talk about in an interview! 
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Digital health expert available for interview - April 2020

 Expert calls time on myths, misinformation, rumours & fake news during the pandemic


Digital health expert & author of ‘Is It Serious? How to search for health information on the Internet' booking media interviews


Burton Paul, who lives in Hay-On-Wye in Wales and works in London, has done myriad media interviews analysing the key stories breaking throughout the pandemic, advising how people can help fight against the spread of misinformation that's causing ill-informed actions and, in many cases, panic. 


A picture containing foodDescription automatically generatedBurton Paul published his book in 2019, guiding people as to the best way to search for health information on the Internet. His aim, then and today, is to educate and empower people to search for health information online in a positive and helpful way, with advice on what to ignore, and how to decipher fact from fiction. However, he couldn't have envisioned that the book would become such a vital resource to so many people as a global pandemic kills so many.


Burton Paul says: "Despite admirable efforts by social media companies to stop it and the establishment of a dedicated British Government taskforce, false information about the coronavirus is mushrooming around the world. The only way to stop it is to educate and empower people to make better decisions about how to search for health information online."

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Burton Paul is available to analyse the myths and rumours that continue to circulate, as well as dig deeper into how social media can be a positive lifeline for so many during lockdown, plus what more can be done to help people educate and empower themselves during the pandemic.


Notes to Editors

For interview requests please +(44) 07904801669 / +44 (0) 7827959644. More information about Burton Paul and his book, are available in this online press We can get a copy of the book over to you ASAP upon request.